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Information for build xapi-1.110.1-1.1.xcp

Package Namexapi
Summaryxapi - xen toolstack for XCP
DescriptionXCP toolstack.
Built bykojiadmin
State complete
StartedMon, 26 Nov 2018 15:41:09 CET
CompletedMon, 26 Nov 2018 15:41:09 CET
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Changelog * Fri Sep 14 2018 Samuel Verschelde <> - 1.110.1-1.1.xcp - Do not require non-free packages! * Mon Aug 06 2018 Christian Lindig <> - 1.110.1-1 - Bumped the minor api version as well as the client min and max version numbers to 2.11. - CA-294917: Added branding to the lima release. * Thu Aug 02 2018 Rob Hoes <> - 1.110.0-2 - Added CA-293417 patch * Mon Jul 30 2018 Christian Lindig <> - 1.110.0-1 - CA-294281: Network reset: warn if networkd.db could not be deleted - CA-293399: Corrupted PCI information in xapi database - CP-28936: Assert that a host has enough pCPUs to run a VM * Wed Jul 25 2018 Christian Lindig <> - 1.109.0-1 - xapi.opam: remove unused nbd dependency - CA-293399: Ensure we don't allow invalid utf8 strings into the db - CA-294281: Network reset: warn if networkd.db could not be deleted - CA-293399: Corrupted PCI information in xapi database * Thu Jul 19 2018 Thomas Mckelvey <> - 1.108.0-2 - CP-28711: Get rid of corosync feature flag * Wed Jul 18 2018 Christian Lindig <> - 1.108.0-1 - CA-293858: Further prevention of logrotate running on old partition scheme - CA-289997: Add a test for Xapi_vdi.update_allowed_operations - CA-289997: Fix allowed_operations when VBDs are attached * Fri Jul 13 2018 Christian Lindig <> - 1.107.0-1 - CA-289650: Wait for the pidfile from udhcpd before releasing lock - CA-289898: GC dangling references from 'Host.updates_requiring_reboot' - CA-290840: VM.attached_PCIs field not properly cleanup when reverting from snapshot - CA-291017: Unable to connect server in pool of 64 physical hosts - CA-292676: Apply 'VDI missing' logic to picking SRs too - CA-292676: Filter out missing VDIs when looking for some to use - CA-293786: Cluster.get_network should not be restricted to pool admin - CP-28753: drop unused CLUSTER_HOST_CREATION_FAILED message - CP-28844: Allow pool operator to perform clustering operations * Wed Jul 11 2018 Christian Lindig <> - 1.106.0-1 - CA-287525 replace OPasswd with implementation in C * Tue Jul 10 2018 Christian Lindig <> - 1.105.0-1 - CA-289735: do not disable clustering daemon on shutdown from xapi-domains - CA-292063: detach static VDIs when HA is disarmed on boot - CP-27694: fail with NOT_IMPLEMENTED if there is no clustering daemon available - CP-27915: test that VBD.create isn't allowed for cbt_metadata VDI - CP-28753: add CLUSTER_HOST_FENCING message - CP-28753: always detach all static VDIs - Quicktest to run VDI ops on empty VDI with max supported size * Tue Jul 03 2018 Christian Lindig <> - 1.104.0-1 - CA-292621: ensure PIF has an IP before calling clustering methods - CA-292432: Add quicktest for static-vdis script * Thu Jun 28 2018 Christian Lindig <> - 1.103.0-1 - Merge of GFS2 and QEMU upstream features - CP-28561: Cluster.get_network fails if cluster_hosts lack common network - CP-28561: Test Cluster.get_network - CA-289996: Should declare VMs with SR-IOV VFs non-agile for HA purposes - CA-292372: Create SM objects for all running SMAPIv2 drivers - CP-28132: Implement & move to VDI.attach2 SMAPIv2 call, deprecate VDI.attach - CP-28132: Storage_migrate.with_activated_disk: use finally to detach VDI - CP-28132: attach now directly returns the xenstore directory - CP-28132: update static-vdis script after attach changes - CP-28132: remove domain_uuid from attach response - CP-27560 set device model default to "qemu-upstream-compat" - CP-27560 ensure device model is qemu-upstream-compat - CP-27560 during xapi upgrade, upgrade VM device model - CP-27560 increment database version - CA-290006 update snapshot device model profile - Remove unnecessary reference of Api_errors * Tue Jun 26 2018 Christian Lindig <> - 1.102.0-1 - CP-28477: Cluster_host.force_destroy ignores exn - CP-28477: Cluster_host.forget deletes cluster_host if successful - CP-28477, CP-26179: Forward Cluster.destroy, pool_destroy works without - XOP-948: Add a test for restricting SR allowed_operations during RPU - XOP-948: Restrict SR allowed_operations during RPU - CP-28227: Add API errors to clustering datamodel - CP-28477, CP-26179: make the info message more clear - Remove obsolete clustering quicktest - Generalize quicktest filtering * Wed Jun 20 2018 Stefano Panella <> - 1.101.0-2 - Enable GFS2 feature flag * Tue Jun 19 2018 Christian Lindig <> - 1.101.0-1 - CP-28117: restart HA VMs in parallel when recovering from host failure * Fri Jun 15 2018 Christian Lindig <> - 1.100.0-1 - CA-287838: Slave Dom0 becomes incorrect state in DB after pool join - CA-290450: quicktest_vdi_ops_data_integrity: test large VDIs too - CA-290466: Add quicktest to test parallel VDI dom0 attach limit - CA-272147: add quicktest for SR.set_name_label & description - CA-291136: skip hosts which do not have an IP address yet - CA-291136: wait for carrier on management interface - CA-291164: avoid race condition in waiting for management IP address - CA-291163: avoid race condition on waiting for clustering IP - CA-290526: Update location for cluster stack supported SRs file (#3631) - merge safe-string patches: all strings are now immutable - nbd_client_manager: increase number of /dev/nbds and wait for a free one - drop debug/graph: not built anymore - remove legacy graph and rfb ocaml libraries - test/test_pool_license: reduce deprecation warnings * Thu Jun 14 2018 Cheng Zhang<> - 1.99.0-4 - Remove experimental flag of SRIoV feature * Mon Jun 11 2018 Christian Lindig <> - 1.99.0-1 - Merge GFS2 branch: CP-24692 CP-25121 CP-26147 CP-25121 CP-25121 CP-25121 CP-25121 CP-26199 CP-26912 CP-26912 CP-26912 CP-26912 CP-26912 CP-26912 CP-26912 CP-27172 CP-27172 CP-27466 CP-28213 CP-28213 CP-28406 CP-28406 CP-28406 CP-28406 - CA-290237: Add Cluster_host.joined field to represent cluster membership - CA-290237: Prevent data races blocking pool-join on bonds and VLANs - CA-290237: Wait for clustering IP before resyncing host - CA-290471: fix wrong token timeout in XenCenter (#3611) - CA-290686: fix forwarding of Cluster_host.forget - CA-290891: Add quicktest for VDI export & import - Hardcode token value thresholds in Constants module - Test Cluster.create fails for invalid token parameters * Tue Jun 05 2018 Christian Lindig <> - 1.98.0-1 - CA-289623: Added missing branding; removed duplicate comment. - Rename Xapi_vm_snapshot.default_values to overrides - CA-290874: Always derive domain_type from HVM_boot_policy on VM.revert - CA-290874: On start and resume, always ensure that the domain type is set * Thu May 24 2018 Christian Lindig <> - 1.97.0-1 - CA-289319: Kolkata Update application failure: HANDLE_INVALID - CA-289907: Base pool.cpu_info:features_hvm on HVM-capable hosts only - CA-289907: Update pool_cpu_features unit test - CA-275120: XenAPI methods only callable by SM are publicly visible - XSI-6: Corrected and completed event class documentation enhancements. - Quicktest: add support for comparing record fields - Quicktest: check snapshot VDI fields - Moved the output of into the _build folder. - Removed obsolete docbook and pdf format of the API Reference. - Split API Reference into two files, one for classes and types and one for error handling. - xapi-database: make safe-string compliant - xapi-types: make safe-string compliant * Fri May 18 2018 Christian Lindig <> - 1.96.0-1 - pci/lib_test: disable tests until we move back to upstream library - travis-python-nosetests: fix tests * Mon May 14 2018 Christian Lindig <> - 1.95.0-1 - CP-27911: Port tests to Alcotest - CP-27899: Convert quicktests to Alcotest * Thu May 10 2018 Christian Lindig <> - 1.94.0-1 - CA-287921: nbd_client_manager: track nbd device -> nbd server mapping - CA-289140: log the exception from PBD plug without doing other API calls - CA-289140: ignore missing PBDs on startup - CA-289620: Remove redundant log of events_watch - CP-27911: Port test_host_helpers to Alcotest - CP-27911: Port test_xapi_xenops to Alcotest - CP-27911: Port test_sr_update_vdis to Alcotest - CP-27911: Port test_bond to Alcotest - CP-27911: Port test_tunnel to Alcotest - CP-27911: Port test_pvs_server to Alcotest - CP-27911: Port test_xapi_vbd_helpers to Alcotest - CP-27911: Port test_network_sriov to Alcotest - CP-26583: Upgrade Xapi to use PPX-based Rrdd idl - CP-26583: Update error: Rrd_failure -> Rrdd_internal_error - Speed up update_all_allowed_operations: VDI - Add randomized quicktest to check VDI.copy data integrity - quicktest_vdi_copy_data_integrity: write random bytes from urandom * Wed May 09 2018 Christian Lindig <> - 1.93.0-3 - Make SRIOV an experimental feature (off by default) * Tue May 01 2018 Christian Lindig <> - 1.93.0-1 - CA-273986: Add test for Cluster.create cleanup - CA-284520: Adding pool pre-check for clustering enabled - CA-288411: make the cache work after a toolstack restart - replace deprecated use of String.set with Bytes - replace deprecated use of String.set - replace deprecated use of String.set - add missing ignore - replace deprecated use of String.set - use String.lowercase_ascii - replace deprecated use of String.set - replace deprecated use of String.set - replace use of deprecated Stdext.Fun.++ - replace use of deprecated String.set - replace use of deprecated Stdext.Fun.++ - replace use of deprecated - nbd_client_manager: provide error message for exceptions - CA-288394: nbd_client_manager: add program name to log lines - nbd_client_manager: extract program into main method - CP-27880: drop incorrect all-zero diagnostic counters and deprecate diagnostic-db-log - CP-27880: collect timing, db and net statistics in bugtools - CP-27880: move Stats to xapi-database - CP-27880: collect timing stats from redo_log - CA-288635: redo_log: only log WriteField if the value actually changed - CA-288635: block_device_io: reduce number of O_DSYNC writes to half in action_write_delta - CA-288635: increase db flush chunk size * Mon Apr 23 2018 Christian Lindig <> - 1.92.0-1 - CA-267687: Logs of VBD operation check that inspects operations of VBD's VDI do not match returned errors - XSI-6: Event class documentation enhancements. - CA-287865: Forwarded task calling resulting current task being early marked completed - CA-286874: Redundant checks for SR-IOV when implementing VDI migration (#3547) - CA-287854: Add cluster stack constants and check cluster stack valid for - CA-287854: Test Cluster.create fails with invalid cluster stack - CA-286165: Only non-VF PCI need to update dependencies - CA-287863: Reorgnize the code - CA-287863: xe vm-shutdown complete the task too early - CA-287929: fix incorrect log message (11428 > 11428) - CA-281638: Set pool.ha_cluster_stacks upon Cluster.create/destroy success, not on Cluster_host operations - CA-281638: Add tests for Pool.ha_cluster_stack selection - CA-287343: Update HA failure tolerance plan for corosync/GFS2 and add unit tests - CA-244573: Storage migration state lost after xapi restarting - CA-244573: XenMotion fails after previously attempted SXM is interrupted by XAPI restart and vm goes into suspended state - CA-288347: Do not take clustering lock in SR.probe - CA-288312: Don't update HOSTNAME in /etc/sysconfig/network - ocp-indent cluster_stack_constraints and test_cluster(ing) - use Re.Emacs instead of the deprecated Re_emacs - xa_auth_stubs: add missing header file - Network_event_loop: make sure no duplicated interfaces are passed to firewall script - Improve documentation: Cannot is one word. - Remove deleted quicktests from all_tests list - Remove quicktest_encodings - Move quicktest_vm_placement from quicktests to unit tests - Move quicktest_vm_memory_constraints from quicktests to unit tests - Convert Test_network_event_loop to alcotest - Port Test_event to Alcotest - Port test_network to Alcotest - Port test_pgpu to Alcotest - Port test_xapi_db_upgrade to Alcotest - Port test_pci_helpers to Alcotest - Port test_pool_db_backup to Alcotest - Port test_pool_restore_database to Alcotest - Port test_workload_balancing to Alcotest * Wed Apr 11 2018 Christian Lindig <> - 1.91.0-1 - CA-286338: Inter-host VM copy failed from source host to a slave in a pool - CP-27544: Log cluster/host opaquerefs for message forwarding - CP-27544: Add debug info to Cluster calls - CP-27544: Add logging for success/failure of cluster_host API calls - CP-27544: Move debug line to prevent duplication - CP-27544: Convert clustering code failures to internal_errors - CP-27544: Errors report opaquerefs instead of UUIDs - CP-27544: Pattern-match for empty list in clustering code - CP-27544: Specify whether no cluster_host is found or none match in - CA-287503: fix static-vdis for SMAPIv3 - CA-285840: Check for host liveness in the new stunnel hook - Hyphenate xe clustering params instead of using underscores * Thu Apr 05 2018 Christian Lindig <> - 1.90.0-1 - CA-286364: When creating guest_metrics, ensure all fields reflect current state - CP-27346: Add SR.probe_ext - Bump database schema version - Add option type to datamodel - Add SR UUID to SR.probe return type - CP-27140: Fix result parsing of SR.probe quicktest - CP-27343: SR probe: add clustering lock, assert cluster_host enabled (#3542) * Wed Apr 04 2018 Marcello Seri <> - 1.89.0-2 - Update SPEC file to get rid of rpmbuild warnings * Wed Apr 04 2018 Christian Lindig <> - 1.89.0-1 - Port Test_clustering and Test_clustering_allowed_operations to Alcotest - CA-268511: Prevent live PIF unplugging when clustering is enabled - CA-285605: Make PIF.set_disallow_unplug idempotent - CA-285605: Update tests for idempotent PIF.set_disallow_unplug - CA-285605: Do nothing if value is the same - CA-282006: Prevent IP reconfiguration on a live cluster network - CA-282006: Update PIF.{forget, reconfigure_ip(v4,v6)} declarations in datamodel with new errors - CA-282006: Add quicktest to check clustering assertions prevent IP reconfiguring - CA-285349: Replace only-sr-name flag with use-default-sr - CA-285349: Split into two internal functions to unplug PBDs, then disable clustering - CA-285349: Move disable_clustering from to Xapi_cluster_host.{ml, mli} - CA-285349: Introduce API errors cluster_stack_in_use, pif_allows_unplug - CA-285349: Change errors raised, refactor required_cluster_stack assertion - CA-285349: Update unit test with new error - CA-280423: Open/close xapi-clusterd port when starting/stopping daemon (#3509) - CA-286294: Add function to individually resync a host to its cluster objects - CA-286294: Move Xapi_cluster.pool_resync logic to Xapi_cluster_host.resync_host - CA-286294: PBD.plug individually resyncs hosts instead of the entire pool - Start/stop nbd-client for qemu datapath using a new script - CP-26169: Prevent turning on clustering when HA is enabled - CA-285281: Make SR.probe quicktest idempotent - Add backwards-compatible SR.probe output for SMAPIv3 - SR.probe never returns a Probe anymore - Add SR UUID to SR.probe return type - Inline Xmlm_tree into where it's used - CA-281638: Set Pool.ha_cluster_stack when enabling/disabling clustering * Tue Apr 03 2018 Christian Lindig <> - 1.88.0-1 - CA-275591: remove dead code - CA-282684: VDI migration with vGPU is failing when vGPU size is big (#3540) * Wed Mar 28 2018 Christian Lindig <> - 1.87.0-1 - CP-24805: permit other defaults when ensuring device-model profile in platform - CP-24805: set the default VM.platform device-model profile during upgrade - CP-24805: add the fallback device-model profiles for each qemu-upstream stage - CP-24805: use the proper 'fallback' terminology present in the design - CP-24805: trigger db upgrade based on Jura version - CP-25713: update usb_reset to work with deprivileged QEMU - CA-285511: TCUSBPassBetweenVMWithinPool: No route to host - CP-27452: save/restore uid/gid of device file * Wed Mar 28 2018 Christian Lindig <> - 1.86.0-1 - Fix typo of `modprobe` - CA-260638 Bonds are created on interfaces which participates in FCoE - CA-285596: Suppress host.set_iscsi_iqn during RPU * Thu Mar 22 2018 Marcello Seri <> - 1.85.0-1 - CP-25797 Add network SR-IOV model - CP-23644: Add network sriov as a feature - CP-26302: Add driver_name in PCI object - CP-26333 Add PIF.PCI field - CP-26430:fix autocompletion error of network-sriov - CP:26014:Set reserved_pci to Ref.null when vm halted. - refine based on Lindig's comments - Clarify function comments based on Marcello's comments - Temporary fix to make xapi a sucessful build (#3427) - CP-25699 Refine PIF type check related stuff - Code refine - CP-25699 Network sriov create/destroy - CP-25699 call networkd when enable/disable sriov - CP-25699 Add UT for vlan/bond/tunnel/network_sriov - CP-25795: Support network SR-IOV VF backed vif. - CP-25795: Add PCIs of network SR-IOV VFs into metadata. - CP-25795: Enhance backend_of_network function. - Fix indentation - CP-26857: Blocking 'forget' on SR-IOV logical PIF - Remove vlan-on-vlan support - CP-27001 Update pci status after enable/disable sriov - Move function `is_device_underneath_same_type` to new place - Rename exception `network_is_not_sriov_compatible` to `network_incompatible_with_sriov` - CP-26627 Isolate sriov/sriov vlan network from other network - Add unit test for vlan/bond/tunnel - Rename and move `assert_sriov_pif_compatible_with_network` to `assert_network_compatible_with_sriov` - CP-26148: Function for Network SR-IOV get free capacity - CP-25811: Update host selection and resource reservation for VM with SR-IOV VIFs - CP-26606: Unit tests for choose host with SR-IOV - CP-26608: Disallow SR-IOV VIF plug/unplug - CP-23782: Add license restriction for VF usage - CP-27201 Add network sriov precheck for pool join - CP-27201 Sync network sriov from master to slave when slave restarting - CP-27201 Best effort bring up sriov logical PIFs when xapi start - CP-27201 Gc sriovs when gcing PIFs - CP-27201 refine `sync_vlans` and `sync_tunnels` - CP-27329: Make Network SR-IOV Sync Do Plug on Slave - CP-27381: Auto-plug SR-IOV physical PIF - CP-27381: Auto-unplug SR-IOV logical PIF - CP-23788: VM guest metrics can read SR-IOV VF IPs - CP-23788: Add unitest for VM guest metrics to read SR-IOV VF IPs - CP-27381: Make "SRIOV" in debug message consistent as upper case - CP-27272: Restore lost codes in merge commit - Fix for VM without SR-IOV VIF start failed - CA-285897: Filter out un-attached VF-backed vifs in PCI metadata - CA-280342: Bad error message when migration fails - CP-27446: Change the way for getting SR-IOV object from PIF when group - CA-286292: VLAN PIF on SR-IOV status is incorrect after restarting - CA-286135: Bring up bond when bring up SR-IOV physical - CA-281178: Update allowed operations in consider_enabling_host - CA-286135: Bring down SR-IOV physical PIF when bring down bond * Wed Mar 21 2018 Christian Lindig <> - 1.84.0-1 - CP-27433 remove checks for vgpu_migration_enabled() * Thu Mar 15 2018 Christian Lindig <> - 1.83.0-2 - CP-27433 remove vgpu_migration feature flag - it is now on by default * Thu Mar 15 2018 Christian Lindig <> - 1.83.0-1 - CA-284492: Ignore vGPU live-migratability in migrate_send for halted VMs * Thu Mar 15 2018 Christian Lindig <> - 1.82.0-1 - remove Legacy module - datamodel_values: remove unused to_xml - idl: revert datamodel_values to_rpc change and use to_ocaml_string instead - datamodel_values: correctly stringify numbers also when they are negative - gen_api: prevent default values for VCustom fields, these may contain code that break the unmarshaller - gen_api, datamodel_values: get defaults for VCustoms suitable for the API generator - database: simplify types after removing bigbuffer - importexport: use Rpc.to_string instead of Jsonrpc.to_string - Port test to Aloctest - Fix typo in VLAN test - database: resurrect db_cache_test - db_rpc_common_v2: completely remove Read_set_ref - Eliminate fd leak in timebox * Fri Mar 09 2018 Christian Lindig <> - 1.81.0-1 - Fix release info for domain_type fields - CA-270622: HA max tolerance is wrong for >16-host pools - CA-271491: Creating NFS SR on 64-host pool ~7x slower than 16-host - Move to xapi-travis-scripts coverage script - Add Test_client using Client module to test auto-generated layers - database: resurrect additional test - Simplify nbd_info Alcotest comparator * Mon Mar 05 2018 Christian Lindig <> - 1.80.0-1 - CA-282112: Fix domain_type setting during SXM from older releases * Mon Mar 05 2018 Christian Lindig <> - 1.79.0-1 - Quicktest_vdi_copy: clean up - CA-277464: Quicktest_vdi_copy: wait for VBD unplug before destroying VDI - CP-24206: handle redirections issued by SM - CA-274267: Make permanent_vdi_detach and _detach_by_uuid work for SMAPIv3 - CA-272163: Redirect snapshot to host that has activated VDI (if any) - Convert Test_basic to Alcotest - Convert Test_agility to Alcotest - Convert Test_daemon_manager to Alcotest - Remove Test_basic - CP-25621: Add Host.iscsi_iqn to datamodel - CP-25621: Add stub set_iscsi_iqn function - CP-25621: Add iscsi_iqn to the CLI - CP-25621: Add the setter and the watcher thread - CP-25621: Start other-config watcher thread - CP-25621: Actually do the set in Host.set_iscsi_iqn - CP-25621: Fix implementation of Host.set_iscsi_iqn - CP-25621: Add a unit test for - CP-25621: Add a test of the updated implementation of set_iscsi_iqn - Xapi_host_helpers: re-add comment about MD3000i alias bug workaround - CP-25621: Add an mli file for xapi_host_helpers - CP-25621: Respond to review comments from @gabori - CP-26457: Make multipath configuration a host parameter - Sync ISCSI iqn and multipathing config files at startup - Host.set_iscsi_iqn: reject empty string - Add SR Multipath capability - Update firstboot scripts to use the new API for setting the iSCSI IQN - CA-274585: allow unplugging statefile VDI - CA-274585: unplug all local PBDs on shutdown/reboot - CA-277346: do not get stuck detaching metadata VDI - CA-277346: stop (DB) requests when shutting down the master - Tasks.with_tasks_destroy: add a function that waits for tasks with a timeout - Convert host evacuation script into ocaml - CP-24677: Add Cluster and Cluster_host classes to datamodel - CP-24684: Add CLI for Cluster.pool_create - Fix the SDK - CP-24678 CP-24679: Implement Cluster.create and Cluster_host.create - CP-24865: Implement Cluster.pool_auto_join logic - CP-24865: Add a test for the dbsync code - Make Cluster.create go through message_forwarding - CP-24680: Add CLI for Cluster.create - CP-24680: Add CLI for Cluster_host.create - CP-24680: Add CLI getters/setters for Cluster and Cluster_host - CP-24680: Remove code duplication; use new `get_param` function - CP-24680: Use RPC functions to get cluster operation strings - Correctly auto-complete UUIDs in cluster-host-* CLI calls - CP-24682/CP-24683: Implement Cluster_host.enable/disable - CP-24687: Add concurrency to Cluster/Cluster_host creation - CP-24687: Simplify the pool valid operations code - CP-24688: Add unit tests for clustering-related allowed operations - CP-24689: Implement host-local clustering lock - Reorganize clustering code - quicktest: allow filtering by SR name - CA-271525: Split 'ip_of_host' in two to allow reuse of parts - CA-271525: Rearrange the cluster_host creation code - CA-271525: Add some code to fix the prerequisites - CA-271525: Add a test for the prerequisite stuff - CP-25607: Add a Cluster.pool_resync API call - CP-25607: Add a CLI for Cluster.pool_resync - CA-271525: Ensure the types are correct in pif_of_host - CA-271525: Add a test for create_as_necessary - CA-271525: Add mli files for Xapi_cluster_host and xapi_cluster - CP-25607: Rename a parameter of Cluster.pool_resync - CA-271525: Address review comments from @gabori - CP-24690: Refactor code into separate function - CP-24690: Take clustering lock and verify cluster_host is enabled - CP-24690: Use API errors for cluster_host being enabled/disabled - CP-24690: Add tests for new clustering functionality - CA-270443: Avoid deadlock in SR.create / PBD.plug - CA-274113: Create hosts as enabled on the slave - CA-274107: Forward cluster host enable/disable to correct host - CP-25261: Implement Cluster_host.destroy and its CLI - CP-25261: Fix Cluster_host.create CLI - CP-25261: Fix Cluster_host.disable prerequisites - CP-25261: Implement Cluster.destroy and its CLI - Cluster_host: fix type mismatch - CP-25971: Cannot cleanly destroy a disabled node - quicktest: do not run ISO tests when explicitly picking another SR - quicktest_cbt: run test only on specified SR - Add Cluster.pool_destroy - Cluster.pool_create: remove pool parameter - CP-24681: Use feature flag to disable clustering - Reverting adding feature flags until we have v6d changes - Update allowed operations when creating Cluster & Cluster_host - Reinstating feature flag/licensing check - Test that Cluster_host.destroy is disallowed when SR is attached - CA-275728: disallow Cluster_host.destroy if SR is still attached - [CP-25892] Use cluster init_config instead of address - CP-26038: log UUIDs instead of opaquerefs where possible - CP-26038: plumb through debug task - CP-25890: xe-toolstack-restart should know about xapi-clusterd - CP-26200: s/rel_jura/rel_kolkata/ - [CP-26175] Allow setting corosync timeouts in xe cluster-create - [CP-26175] Validate timeout parameters in xapi_cluster - Fix Xapi_clustering.assert_cluster_host_is_enabled_for_matching_sms - CP-26166: run Cluster.pool_resync on PBD.plug - Test_clustering: add tests for no Cluster_host or non-gfs2 SR - CP-24694: disable clustering on shutdown after unplugging the PBDs - Pool.eject: remove host from cluster, if it's a member - Make Cluster_host.enable/disable idempotent - Cluster.pool_resync: ensure enabled Cluster_hosts are enabled - CP-24694: disable Cluster_host on shutdown and reenable on startup - CP-24694: allow shutdown/reboot operations when the hosts that are down are disabled - [CA-273985] Take clustering lock only if SM requires a cluster stack - CA-275786: Check PIF prerequisites when creating cluster - CP-26197, CP-25397: Do not run xapi-clusterd if clustering is turned off - [CP-25971] Introduce Cluster.pool_force_destroy (#3423) - CA-282012: enable/disable clustering daemon (#3430) - Update to latest API from team/ring3/master - Remove scripts/examples/python/ - Add kolkata release - Port Test_cluster and Test_cluster_host to Alcotest - Be more conservative about clustering APIs: lifecycle=prototyped - Typo in readme (#3484) * Wed Feb 28 2018 Christian Lindig <> - 1.78.0-1 - Resurrect a database unit test - CP-24206: check snapshot works when VDI is activated on different hosts - CA-271525: Add a test_rpc field to the context - CA-271525: Move over all uses of 'test_mode' to use the mock rpc function instead. - Tar_unix: replace Tar_unix.Archive.multicast_n_string with its implementation - Make attach_and_activate independent of domain type - Revert "Create a VM_metrics object for dom0 at start up" - Create_misc: rename ensure_domain_zero_guest_metrics_record - Ensure that a metrics record for dom0 is created immediately - Introduce fields VM.domain_type and VM_metrics.current_domain_type - Introduce VM.set_domain_type - Override VM.set_HVM_boot_policy - Update CLI for new VM.domain_type field - Update CLI for new VM_metrics.current_domain_type field - Set VM boot config based on VM.domain_type - Replace internal uses of VM.HVM_boot_policy by VM.domain_type - DB upgrade rule for VM.domain_type - Set VM.domain_type on VMs imported from older releases - Set VM_metrics.current_domain_type upon xenopsd change events - Allow hotplug of VBDs into PVinPVH guests - Allow PVinPVH domains to do power-state operations always - Specify the domain_type used by test_no_migrate more coherently. - Correctly generate devid for VBDs for PVinPVH - Remove more conflating of hvm with emulated devices - Switch to from xcp-idl - Update for PV-in-PVH - PV-in-PVH VMs need static-max to start - Add new helper to get domain_type regardless of the power_state - Rename will_have_qemu_from_domain_type to needs_qemu_from_domain_type - Remove hvm helpers, which are now unused - Make current_domain_type correct for suspended VMs - Ensure the current_domain_type field is persisted in the db - Restrict domain_type upgrade rule to `unspecified VMs - Handle domain zero specially in DB upgrade task for domain type - Remove unused helpers - Simplify Helpers.boot_method type - Extend ResetCPUFlags test for PVinPVH case - Simplify & speed up data_destroy timing tests - remove old (and never compiled in jbuilder/oasis) executables - xapi: separate xapi, quicktest and tests in separate folders - CP-26685 Adapt network interface when porting ppx - CP-24688: Refactor `with_pool_operation` to be easily testable - CA-271525: Log everything from the unit-test suite - CA-272147: Fix SR.set_name_label and _description for SMAPIv3 - CA-277346: log backtrace when parsing HA liveset * Thu Feb 22 2018 Christian Lindig <> - 1.77.0-1 - CA-283754: treat potential internal errors from V6 - Fix json backend - Testing: Convert tests to Alcotest - Refactoring: move modules into files - Backwards-compatibility: Move api_versions back to datamodel - Cleanup: Remove redundant pipe definitions - Remove field_has_effect from VBD.mode in favour of explicit declaration of setter - Remove redundant effectful fields (after CA-11132) - Remove effectful 'actions_after_crash' in favour of explicit setter * Mon Feb 19 2018 Christian Lindig <> - 1.76.0-1 - Move datamodel types into sub modules - Consistently name and use other Datamodel types already in modules - CA-283632/XOP-919: Add VM reference to VM_FAILED_SHUTDOWN_ACK error - VDI.create: explicitly specify cbt_enabled = false - VDI.snapshot, clone: pass down complete vdi_info - vdi_info_of_vdi_rec: use try-with and List.assoc - Update readme and maintainer info (#3449) - Revert "Fixed an issue with device number in script" - CA-283654: Fix kpartx arguments - Match default file list to pygrub. - Fixed display of Plugging VBD message. - CA-280981: Import dom0 record on pool join * Fri Feb 09 2018 Christian Lindig <> - 1.75.0-1 - Return modified device_config in SR.create SMAPIv2 call - CP-24350: plumb through sharable flag - Test CA-274152: SR.scan should update VDI.sharable - Xapi_sr.update_vdis: correctly set VDI.sharable field - CP-26444: static-vdis: need to save/pass uuid to SR.attach with SMAPIv3 - CA-259369: Make sure we don't return SRmaster in the update device-config after SR.create - CP-20544: initialize coverage for XAPI itself too - CA-281002 CA-271406 let XSM+vGPU fail if VM reboots - Remove redundant * Wed Feb 07 2018 Christian Lindig <> - 1.74.0-1 - CP-26717: Xapi now compatible with PPX-based Gpumon - CA-268763: Add logic to Xapi_host.create to limit host numbers - CA-266936: Use a CArray instead of an ocaml Buffer - CA-271867: Local-to-local storage migration fails with out-of-space * Fri Feb 02 2018 Christian Lindig <> - 1.73.0-1 - Convert Test_vm_check_operation_error to alcotest - Fixed an issue with device number in script * Wed Jan 31 2018 Christian Lindig <> - 1.72.0-1 - CA-276638, CA-281320: Catch handle_invalid in Valid_ref_list - Port Test_vdi_allowed_operations to alcotest * Fri Jan 26 2018 Christian Lindig <> - 1.71.0-1 - Depend on new tar-unix ocamlfind package - CP-26098: Upgrade xapi to use PPX-based v6d interface * Wed Jan 24 2018 Christian Lindig <> - 1.70.0-1 - Use alcotest for test suite, update opam file and dependencies * Fri Jan 19 2018 Christian Lindig <> - 1.69.0-1 - CP-26471: Message switch has been renamed after been ported to jbuilder. - Added explicit dependency to message-switch-unix and synchronised the opam file with the one in xs-opam. * Tue Jan 16 2018 Christian Lindig <> - 1.68.0-1 - xapi-database: add missing xapi-stdext dependency - xapi-database: add necessary xapi-stdext dependencies - xapi-types: add necessary xapi-stdext dependencies - idl: use xapi-stdext sub libraries in the generated code - xapi-database: get rid of deprecated stdext stuff - xapi_db_process: cleanup dependencies - cdrommon: cleanup dependencies - events: cleanup dependencies - graph: cleanup dependencies - datamodel: cleanup dependencies - license: cleanup dependencies - mpathalert: cleanup dependencies - perfest: cleanup dependencies - rfb: cleanup dependencies - util: cleanup dependencies - vncproxy: cleanup dependencies - xapi-cli-protocol: cleanup dependencies - xapi-client: cleanup dependencies - artifacts of old build - removing - xapi-types: cleanup dependencies - xe-cli: cleanup dependencies - xsh: cleanup dependencies - xapi-types: add comment on non-tail-recursive implementation - test_cpuid_helpers: fix comparison tests - Add Cpuid_helpers.is_equal - Add unit tests for Cpuid_helpers.is_equal - Use is_equal in is_subset and is_strict_subset - XOP-908/CA-279498: Zero-extend CPU features when comparing old and new sets - CA-279502: Set the correct release for the is_default_template field (#3401) - bisect_ppx for XAPI - use more CPUs when building XAPI - CP-20544: Initialize coverage dispatcher - configure: add --enable-coverage - Update * Thu Jan 11 2018 Christian Lindig <> - 1.67.0-1 - CP-24602, CP-24605: Renamed libraries after porting to jbuilder. - CP-26469: Defined release jura. - CA-271406 infer_vgpu_map: VM might not be live - CA-279161 if unavailable, don't update pGPU compat data - Travis: if travis tests fail exit with code 1 * Mon Jan 08 2018 Christian Lindig <> - 1.66.0-1 - This release adds support for vGPU migration - CA-276964 on import, set suspend_SR to null when unknown - CP-23025: Document the JsonRpc protocol in the error handling section. - CA-270463 refactor xapi_vm_lifecycle.check_vgpu() - CA-270463 allowed ops: check vGPU is suspendable - CA-270463 Merge is_nvidia_vgpu and is_suspendable - CA-273306: do not assert the VM power_state during VM.checkpoint - Add compat metadata field to vGPU in datamodel - Add {update,clear}_vgpu_metadata - Add call to clear_vgpu_metadata in VM.resume - Add update.vgpu_metadata in VM.suspend - Check vGPU/pGPU compatibility - CP-26076 block VM.checkpoint on any VM with a vGPU - CA-274957: simplify and reorganise Nvidia VGPU compatibility check - xapi_pgpu_helpers: avoid multiple calls to get all pgpus - CP-26145: prevent vgpu-migration of VMs between pre-Jura and Jura/later hosts during RPU - CA-275660 release vGPUs from VM on suspend (#3364) - Travis test: output only failure message * Wed Jan 03 2018 Christian Lindig <> - 1.65.0-1 - Correct FCoE SR to uppercase - CA-266936: Move pci lookups to string_opt to prevent some segfaults - CA-266936: Update xapi to use the new pci lookup functions - Trim the result after executing script with forkhelper - xapi_pci_helpers, xapi_vgpu_helpers: add pci lookup debugging information - xapi-database: add necessary xapi-stdext dependencies - xapi-types: add necessary xapi-stdext dependencies - idl: use xapi-stdext sub libraries in the generated code - xapi-database: get rid of deprecated stdext stuff * Mon Dec 18 2017 Christian Lindig <> - 1.64.0-1 - CA-178651: FCoE NIC is not prevented from unplugging - Valid_ref_list: add iter function - Quicktest_cbt: don't fail in cleanup due to VDI refs becoming invalid - Add a fix and test for setting an empty string as a key in a map - cdrommon: fix incorred dependencies, missing stdext fix * Tue Dec 12 2017 Christian Lindig <> - 1.63.0-1 - Add jbuildered version of pci for debugging purposes - Remove unnecessary pci dependency - pci: Add LICENSE and CHANGES to fulfill the LICENSE requirements - Defined new api release kolkata and bumped the api version to 2.10. - Corrected reindent recipe (the old one was not working). Ocp-indented and - xapi: oPasswd -> opasswd for support to version 1.0.2 * Tue Dec 05 2017 Christian Lindig <> - 1.62.0-1 - CA-271874: Local-to-local storage migration using CLI, without specifying VDI-map, fails badly - CA-274936: more strict typing of API for 'a Ref.t conversions from Rpc.t - CA-271874: Local-to-local storage migration using CLI, without specifying VDI-map, fails badly -rework - CA-274994: Set the error code for JsonRpc v2.0 to a non-zero value. - CP-23025: Documented the Json-Rpc protocol in the API reference. - CA-271874: Local-to-local storage migration using CLI, without specifying VDI-map, fails badly -rework++ * Wed Nov 29 2017 Christian Lindig <> - 1.61.0-2 - Add back changelog entries that were lost in a merge * Fri Nov 24 2017 Christian Lindig <> - 1.61.0-1 - [CA-271014] Only get local SRs on the physical utilisation thread - [CA-271014] Reduce Database calls in get_all_plugged_srs - fix compatibility for older python (doesn't know context [SSL]) - CA-269706: Prevent snapshot-destroy command to destroy normal VM (#3331) - CA-273239: Template-xxx CLI commands are allowed on non-template VMs (#3337) - CP-24877: CBT quicktest: verify xapi's DB is in sync with SM after CBT ops using VDI.update - xapi-datamodel: add missing dependency on mustache - CA-274079: Removing one Pusb removes all Pusbs in the pool - Bumped the API version to 2.8. - The xenopsd library has been renamed to xapi-xenopsd. - Removed remaining instance of oclock. * Wed Nov 15 2017 Rob Hoes <> - 1.60.1-1 - CA-262059: Remove VDI.resize_online - no SM backends support it - CA-272679: Fix error args of feature check for VM.pool_migrate - CA-271852 XenServer build date hardcoded to 1970-01-01 - CA-265117: xapi.conf server_cert_path not respected * Mon Nov 06 2017 Rob Hoes <> - 1.60.0-1 - CA-271857: Add a fix for start-of-day xenopsd sync - CA-272126: Don't get NVidia vGPU types from XML file for now. * Thu Nov 02 2017 Rob Hoes <> - 1.59.0-1 - CA-271052: pool join fixup - CA-269137: get_nbd_info: get subject from TLS cert - CP-25372: Prefer non-wildcard certificate subjects - CP-22019: Test enable/disable_cbt, data_destroy, and snapshot update the necessary fields - CA-267946: Avoid Db.is_valid_ref RPC call when Ref is NULL - CP-22019: Add test to check VDI.{clone, copy} update cbt_enabled field - CP-24132: unit test for (#3324) - Revert "Factor out all_vm_operations" - opam fixes * Wed Nov 01 2017 Rob Hoes <> - 1.58.0-1 - vGPU migration tech preview - CA-84019: Call Host.allocate_resources_for_vm for cross-pool migrations - CA-270642, CA-265691: Copy metrics from snapshot when reverting - Eliminate internal uses of the VM.last_booted_record field * Tue Oct 24 2017 Rob Hoes <> - 1.57.0-1 - USB passthrough - CA-267661: Add RPU rule to update Tools SR PBD.device_config - CA-268761: Trailing whitespaces are lost by the xapi database - CA-265413: Disable passthrough when using MxGPU - Move Tools SR PBD.device_config to xapi_globs * Mon Oct 23 2017 Marcello Seri <> - 1.56.0-2 - Add additional scripts and requires needed for USB passthrough * Fri Oct 20 2017 Rob Hoes <> - 1.56.0-1 - CA-267946: VM.update_allowed_operations: cache some common values when checking operation errors in a loop - CA-269366: VDI.get_nbd_info: fix returned IPv6 addresses - Unit test network.add,remove_purpose calls * Fri Oct 13 2017 Rob Hoes <> - 1.55.0-1 - CBT enhancements * Thu Oct 12 2017 Rob Hoes <> - 1.54.0-1 - Add build shortcut for VS Code - CP-24529: Add RPU(Rolling Pool Upgrade) feature flag - CP-24529: Add Pool_size feature flag - CP-24802: Add new constraint in Pool.join for the Host not having Pool_size feature - CP-24647 CA-223754 move periodic scheduler to use mtime clock - Remove ocaml/.merlin - it's now auto-generated - xapi-*: update opam files - Remove unnecessary stdext dependendency from xapi-types - xapi: do not depend on mustache and xen-api-client * Thu Oct 05 2017 Rob Hoes <> - 1.53.0-1 - CA-268114: Revert "CA-266936: pciutils: use the file dump in a temp file if possible" * Wed Oct 04 2017 Rob Hoes <> - 1.52.0-1 - CA-266936: pciutils: use the file dump in a temp file if possible - CP-24360: Initialise VM.platform['device-model'] values (upstream QEMU) - Fix storage migration log message: list only similar VDIs instead of all the local ones - CA-266914: Remove product name from error message - Revert "CA-223754 move periodic scheduler to a monotonic clock" * Mon Oct 02 2017 Rob Hoes <> - 1.51.0-1 - CP-24868: Reintroduce VM.set_bios_strings and change to Map(String, String) - CP-24459: Adding hidden VDI.set_cbt_enabled setter - Makefile: run tests without buffering * Mon Sep 25 2017 Christian Lindig <> - 1.50.0-1 - remove REQ-540 code as it is not yet ready * Fri Sep 22 2017 Rob Hoes <> - 1.49.0-1 - Add IGMP snooping feature. - Add function VM.set_bios_strings and related stuff - Use default enum unmarshalling on a per-enum basis - Port to jbuilder - CA-88550: Block VM.import during RPU - CA-249810: Change pool update related log format - CA-223754: move periodic scheduler to a monotonic clock - Remove geneva compat code from CLI - Increase quicktest code coverage * Tue Sep 12 2017 Rob Hoes <> - 1.48.0-1 - CA-264428: Use --batch when calling gpg - CA-264331: Remove unused shutdown ack timeout setting * Mon Sep 04 2017 Rob Hoes <> - 1.47.0-1 - CA-261166: The jsonrpc version of the response should match the one of the request. The structure of the error output for v2 should comply with the specs. - CA-260245: Fix SXM: old host choking on new op * Wed Aug 23 2017 Rob Hoes <> - 1.46.0-1 - CA-261855: Generate automatically an image map for the API classes. - Add LICENCE_RESTRICTION to the error whitelist in pool_update.precheck - CA-263064: Stop logging the body of jsonrpc requests. - CA-263587: extract error content from update precheck script * Fri Aug 11 2017 Rob Hoes <> - 1.45.0-1 - Add unit tests for CA-254515 - CA-254515: Check database when updating VDI.snapshot_of - CA-254515: Update new VDIs after they are created - Quicktest for import_raw_vdi when no host is available for the SR. - CA-253959: Modify error message from update precheck script. - Add support for vdi_data_destroy SMAPIv1 call - Add VDI.data_destroy SMAPIv2 function - Add VDI_NO_CBT_METADATA XenAPI error - Implement VDI.data_destroy XenAPI call - Add xe vdi-data-destroy CLI command - datamodel: add list of errors to CBT calls - Add support for vdi_export_changed_blocks SMAPIv1 call - Add VDI.export_changed_blocks SMAPIv2 function - VDI.data_destroy: reset the VDI's content_id - VDI.export_changed_blocks: lock vdi_to during SMAPIv2 call - Implement VDI.export_changed_blocks XenAPI call - Add xe vdi-export-changed-blocks CLI command - VDI.export_changed_blocks: only require SR of vdi_to - Test_common.make_pif: correct default value of iPv6 param to empty list - Implement VDI.get_nbd_info XenAPI call - Test_vdi_cbt: use OUnit's set comparator - Test_event: use Test_common.make_session helper * Wed Aug 02 2017 Rob Hoes <> - 1.44.0-1 - CP-23026 pool join rules until automated testing is available - CA-259405: Only check pool master's updates on pool join - CA-259288 provide descriptive reason when raising pool_hosts_not_homogeneous - CP-23026 CA-258536 update update records at startup - CA-259405: fix comment about pool-join implementation - Add other_config field to pool_update - Pool_patch: remove enforce_homogeneity from other_config when syncing update - Use Xapi_globs.host_update_dir in pool_update.resync_host - Added option to generate the api reference in docbook format and provided relevant template. - Extended and excluded from build output. * Mon Jul 24 2017 Rob Hoes <> - 1.43.0-1 - datamodel: remove `scan from vdi_operations enum - CA-246335: Only allow miami-era VM operations during rolling upgrade mode - VDI.snapshot,clone: test that VDI.cbt_enabled is correctly set - CA-259579: Introduce ballooning_timeout_before_migration api error - CA-260262: Only allow VDI operations supported by older releases during RPU * Wed Jul 12 2017 Rob Hoes <> - 1.42.0-1 - CA-258652/SCTX-2565: Get initial host memory from squeezed - CA-226886: VDI import: handle exn if SR is unavailable for any host. - CA-258023: Further API reference improvements. - Xapi_vdi.update_allowed_operations: consider all VDI ops - pool_update.introduce: disallow cbt_metadata VDI - Removal of dead code * Tue Jul 04 2017 Rob Hoes <> - 1.41.0-1 - CA-244865: Datamodel: errors from copy/paste in (v)gpu-related descriptions - CP-22381: Removed the last binary from the docs. - CA-245334: Generate the API version and the date on the cover of the API reference automatically. - CP-22537: Added script and instructions to build the API reference pdf from the autogenerated markdown with pandoc. - CP-22381: Increased table column width (in the pdf output). * Mon Jul 03 2017 Rob Hoes <> - 1.40.0-1 - CA-253933: bugfix - VM cannot reboot when migrating to another SR - CA-187179: Refine error message of pool auth disable - CP-23026 mark new field 'enforce_homogeneity' as introduced in rel_honolulu - Add some CBT unit tests - Support python 3 in - Remove dead code and fix Travis builds * Fri Jun 23 2017 Rob Hoes <> - 1.39.0-1 - CP-22535: Rewrote to generate the API reference in markdown - Removed binary file; updated instructions * Wed Jun 21 2017 Rob Hoes <> - 1.38.0-1 - Initial support for Changed Block Tracking (CBT) - CA-257178: Refine format string for messages - CA-257178: Refine code style for mail-alarm - CP-22536: Translated *.tex files to markdown. - Update lifecycle for PVS classes * Fri Jun 16 2017 Marcello Seri <> - 1.37.0-1 - Release new version to workaround a build system issue with binary patches * Fri Jun 16 2017 Jon Ludlam <> - 1.36.0-1 - Enable python's nose test framework - Explicitly mention python folders in nosetests invocation - build-env Travis job: fix doc uploading - Extract nosetests into a separate build instance - build-env Travis job: fix documentation upload - update path of generated json files - Move all the python dependencies install into the corresponding travis shell script - CP-19454: Support Chinese and Janpanese mail alert - CP-19454: Refine mail-alarm code style - CP-19454: Replace zh-CN & ja-JP language pack with translated file - CP-19454: Fix syntax error in mail-alarm - CA-253935: Add sr_io_throughput alert - CA-253935: Refine code style for mail-alarm - CP-22525: Add - CP-22525: Refine to cover all EmailTextGenerator - L10N: CP-22708 Translation Checkins - L10N: Adjusted the line intends. - CA-255509: Failures in precheck scripts are not reported correctly. - Xapi_vdi: clean up snapshot capability check * Tue Jun 13 2017 Kun Ma <> - 1.35.0-2 - CP-19454: Add 3 JSON mail language pack * Thu Jun 01 2017 Rob Hoes <> - 1.35.0-1 - REQ-42: Support for management interface on a tagged VLAN, including new Pool.management_reconfigure API - CA-223802/XSO-672: Recognise new xenstore format for guest IP reporting - Datamodel: deprecate crashdump XenAPI class * Tue May 23 2017 Rob Hoes <> - 1.34.0-1 - VDI.snapshot: check that SM has this capability - CA-253489 xe update-upload: test if default SR is valid - Removed release dundee_plus as it was never released. - CA-245333: Extended the release order to include the corresponding API version and branding info and use this in the API docs. - CA-252876: AD group name with parenthesis not work as expect in XenServer 7.0 pool * Thu May 18 2017 Rob Hoes <> - 1.33.0-1 - Remove unused all_capabilites variable - CA-205515 i18n: JA/SC: The error message about failed to join a domain is not localized. - Update xapi_vm_helpers and xapi_xenops for ocaml 4.03+ - Update cli_operations to work with 4.03+ * Fri May 12 2017 Rob Hoes <> - 1.32.0-1 - CA-247695: VM part of snapshot schedule can't be converted into template - Facilities for unit-test of xenopsd interactions - CP-21359: Remove the multiplier on update size calculations - CA-241130: Retrieved recommendations not as expected - CA-248243: Include the html xenserver flavour of the docs in the build. - CA-248125: Fix openvswitch-config-update plugin issue. - CA-249381: Fix schema versions to Current 5.120, Ely 5.108, Falcon 5.120 - XOP-830: Fix the resynchronisation logic on xapi restart - Update to new Scheduler interface - Update to newest xcp.updates interface - CA-248389: Avoid exception INVALID_VALUE in VM import - CA-243824: Plumb through the errors in pool_update.precheck - Removed certain example python scripts - CA-248921: If there is no session in the context, assume it's internal - Avoid changing every time you build - CA-248775: Set the name of VDIs associated with patches/updates - Update merlin file, add missing libraries and add ocamlbuild _build path - CA-244657: Disable cancellation for some xapi tasks - CA-236351: Force shutdown a VM when no suspend VDI is found. - New pool join rules to reflect ely changes in the updates. - Bumped API version to 2.7. - CA-249786: removed build number comparison from pool join rules. - CA-250143: Stat the mirror _before_ removing it - CA-242706: call update_getty at xapi startup - CA-250376: Add protocol option in firewall-port script - CA-171948: Make add_to_map DB calls idempotent - CA-171948: Reinstate non-idempotency, with a switch - CA-249662: Pool_patch handler: If an SR is not specified, use default_SR - CA-250757: Refresh software version after update been applied - CA-250748: MTU on pif does not always sync to xapi db - CA-251251: Use /var/update/applied/uuid mtime for patch apply time - CA-250858: Fix potential bug in `` when WLB health check report - End the temporary yum.conf file with a newline - CA-249668: Raise an API error `tls_connection_failed` on TLS connection failure. - Storage_access: fix task names to match called op - opam: update to xs-opam version - Travis: Add OPAM build method and coverage - README: add build, coverage, LoC badges - Remove dead/unused code * Wed Mar 29 2017 Jon Ludlam <> - 1.31.0-3 - Add dependence on xenopsd-devel * Mon Mar 27 2017 Konstantina Chremmou <> - 1.31.0-2 - Generate the API reference. * Thu Mar 23 2017 Rob Hoes <> - 1.31.0-1 - Move to Oasis build system - Spring clean: remove unused stuff - CP-21107: MxGPU: remove `sched` parameter from whitelist file * Wed Mar 22 2017 Jon Ludlam <> - 1.29.0-2 - Update spec file for oasis-based xapi * Wed Mar 22 2017 Rob Hoes <> - 1.29.0-1 - CP-21211: Implement unit test for SDN_controller APIs - CA-247452: Restrict the nearest VDI choice to those of smaller or equal size - CA-247452: Sort VDIs by sizes before copying them over during SXM - CA-247694: Revert "CA-229028: Check VDI size is valid in vdi-import" * Thu Mar 16 2017 Marcello Seri <> - 1.28.0-2 - Add missing Requires for the *-devel libraries * Thu Mar 16 2017 Rob Hoes <> - 1.28.0-1 - CA-203227: Improve VM shutdown performance for many VDIs - CA-245811: Fix `assert_vm_supports_quiesce_snapshot` function - Moved the current api_version related constants from to the - SDN controller enhancements - AMD MxGPU * Mon Mar 13 2017 Marcello Seri <> - 1.27.0-2 - Update OCaml dependencies and build/install script after xs-opam-repo split * Thu Mar 09 2017 Rob Hoes <> - 1.27.0-1 - Use PPXs - CA-245389: segregation between updates, and separation of stage/update/commit - CA-246262: Bash completion performance fix - CP-20287: Exposed experimental features in the API. * Wed Mar 01 2017 Rob Hoes <> - 1.26.0-1 - CA-229028: Check VDI size is valid in vdi-import - Update merlin file to use all subdirectories in 'ocaml/' - Update maintainers list * Fri Feb 17 2017 Frederico Mazzone <> - 1.25.0-2 - CA-243676: Do not restart toolstack services on RPM upgrade * Wed Feb 15 2017 Rob Hoes <> - 1.25.0-1 - CA-223676: Check physical connectivity for management interface. - Rename -> to prevent conflicts with newer OCaml - Initial release of Scheduled Snapshots (VMSS). * Thu Feb 09 2017 Jon Ludlam <> - 1.24.0-2 - Removed redundant patch * Wed Feb 08 2017 Rob Hoes <> - 1.24.0-1 - CP-14033: Add the Falcon release to datamodel - CP-20725: hide `is_default_template` from the public API - CA-241301: Don't push RRD for VM if it is not running - CA-241704: switch from 'yum install' to 'yum upgrade' - Fix test_assert_space_available unit test - CA-232290: Task.cancel verify permission before forwarding - CA-229340: Ensure ref is valid before injecting update - Update version number on API docs PDF - CA-229351: disable task cancelling at certain points of SXM - CA-237165: Remove applied update records from Xapi db after PRU. - xapi-consts: ensure install dir exists - CA-237993 xe vm-migrate: guess when user wants SXM - CA-236821: Provide clear error message if GPG key is not imported. - CA-172901: add python 2.4 retrocompatibility - CA-172901: make SSL verification optional * Thu Jan 19 2017 Rob Hoes <> - 1.23.0-1 - opam: add xapi-test-utils OPAM dependency - CA-236444: xapi reports WLB consult error when host enters - Add xapi-cli-protocol to the spec file - Move files around in preparation for oasis - CA-236863: division by 0 in VGPU-g detection * Tue Jan 10 2017 Rob Hoes <> - 1.22.0-1 - CA-237415: remove update group from yum by conf file - CA-223868: deprecate fields that are superseded by RRDs - Build reorganisation and cleanup * Mon Dec 19 2016 Rob Hoes <> - 1.21.0-1 - CA-234510: update db before archiving rrd - CA-234494: introduce default templates field * Mon Dec 12 2016 Gabor Igloi <> - 1.20.1-1 - CA-235986: Add Pool_update.version to the CLI - CA-233580: Allow control domains to start on disabled hosts - CA-235358: Fix AD users in child domains cannot log in to XenCenter 7 - Remove obsolete and unnecessary html files * Wed Dec 07 2016 Gabor Igloi <> - 1.20.0-1 - CA-234876: Ensure xapi starts after time is synced; don't install /etc/init.d/xapi any longer - CA-233915: Turn post-op assertions that VM is "Running" into warnings - CA-234875: Remove old patch records after RPU completes - CA-228680: Split general-purpose assert into 2 separate asserts - CA-234358: Add version to pool_update - CA-227062: Remove spurious backtrace; update host/vm/sr selectors info-strings - CA-233306: Delete the VDI when invoking Pool_update.pool_clean - CA-233312: Hide VM's nested-virt and nomigrate fields from CLI - CA-232307: Fix xe pool-dump-database on slave - Update CREDITS - CA-230464: Improve error message when not enough memory for PVS cache - CA-229331: evacuate: Don't report memory issues for unmigratable VMs - Revert CA-220610: restore old behavior of host.get_vms_which_prevent_evacutation, and remove the host.get_vms_which_prevent_evacuation_all API call, which was never published in a release. - CA-231357: Don't remove old pool_patch records until after RPU - CA-228780: PVS Proxy: Add clear error message for when no PVS servers are defined - CA-229176: Fix PVS Proxy status cache inconsistency: invalidate during attach - CA-229070: pool_update: switch to @update group - CA-226280: Fix the `cancel_fn` call on failed `check_cancelling` - CA-225070: Add an option to disable HA non-persistently; refine the start/stop order of the attach-static-vdi service - CA-228756: Provide more error details for precheck and apply - CA-229347: Pool_update.introduce: dom0 doesn't need free disk space 3 times the size of the update - CA-228573: Require a content-length on pool database restore HTTP handler - CA-229031: Improve error handling when importing update keys - CA-227807: Internal Error on uploading unsigned Dundee hotfix - CA-228035: Export update-resync-host and deprecate refresh_pack_info - CA-223461: Add more info to redo_log and block_device_io logging - CA-228606: For pool update, generate yum.conf with installonlypkgs - CA-227716: Refine pool update error messages - CA-226000: Old patches are not removed on Host Upgrade - CA-228029: Fix update destroy failure in xe-install-supplemental-pack when exception happens - CA-227821: Remove legacy gpg keys - CA-227285: Better error when migrating non-resident VM * Fri Nov 04 2016 Euan Harris <> - 1.13.0-1 - Rationalize packaging formats for supplemental packs and hotfixes - Mark PV-drivers-up-to-date as deprecated - Mark VDI.parent as deprecated - CA-220506: Update rbac role for SR.scan API call. - CA-226028 support vm-start --force for memory limits under nested-virt - CA-223505 detach a VM's network (PVS) when migrating away from a host - CA-227721: init-script: flush to log on xapi start - CA-220275: increase host evacuation timeout during host shutdown - CA-224335 re-start agetty only when IP addr changes - CA-226023 When using nested_virt, don't allow changing_dynamic_range op * Wed Oct 19 2016 Euan Harris <> - 1.12.0-1 - CA-224975: PVS-cache: Handle cache VDIs on non-persistent SR - CP-18521: Added new field reference_label to the VM class. - CA-224327: Use `https` connection while calling `import/export_raw_vdi` to remote Host. - CA-224967: Don't remove proxy state from xenstore when OVS rules are removed - Only update PVS_proxy.state if OVS rules are present - CA-189725: support new systemd device naming - CA-224331: Detect PV drivers => vif|vbd hotpluggable - CA-217533: Make mark_host_as_dead idempotent * Thu Oct 13 2016 Jon Ludlam <> - 1.11.0-1 - PVS * Wed Sep 28 2016 Euan Harris <> - 1.10.2-1 - CP-18860: Check memory range before VM.start when using nested virt - CA-222760: Add default list of accepted ciphers into xapi - CA-220610: Change host.get_vms_which_prevent_evacutation to return a map with unique keys - CP-18919: Restrict use of VM.set_VCPUs_number_live * Wed Sep 21 2016 Euan Harris <> - 1.10.1-1 - CA-220170: Fix ha-network-peers CLI field showing hosts as "not in database" - CA-182929: Raise an error if the storage backend type is unknown. - CA-206623: Close the input end of the pipe when data feeding is complete - CA-222060: Remove test for removed validation code - CA-222060: Only validate VCPUs_max against cores_per_socket, not VCPUs_at_startup - CA-122248: Avoid returning duplicate events in event.from - CA-122248: Add a test to search for duplicate events in event.from - Ignore memory and pif update for transient uuids - CA-203433: Raise an appropriate API error when we can't SXM a suspend image - CA-215175: Don't ever execute hooks when we only assume failures. - CA-220506: Update rbac roles for network.attach_for_vm and network.detach_for_vm API calls. * Wed Sep 14 2016 Euan Harris <> - 1.10.0-1 - Use the correct vif device id in set_MTU or fail - Add force flag to VM.start - Fix an issue where VM_metrics were assumed to exist - Protect PIF.scan with a mutex to avoid duplicate PIFs - Fix xe-toolstack-restart for mpathalert - Rename mpathalert-daemon.service to mpathalert.service - Pick up hvm value from xenopsd, report it on CLI - Improve error messages in logs - Fix unknown key iscsi_iqn backtrace - Add 3 new fields to vm_metric: hvm, nested_virt, nomigrate * Fri Sep 02 2016 Euan Harris <> - 1.9.93-1 - Update to 1.9.93 * Fri Aug 19 2016 Euan Harris <> - 1.9.92-1 - Update to 1.9.92 * Thu Aug 18 2016 Jon Ludlam <> - 1.9.91-1 - New release * Fri Jul 22 2016 Jon Ludlam <> - 1.9.90-1 - First transformer package