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Information for build libvirt-1.2.17-13.el7_2.5

Package Namelibvirt
SummaryLibrary providing a simple virtualization API
DescriptionLibvirt is a C toolkit to interact with the virtualization capabilities of recent versions of Linux (and other OSes). The main package includes the libvirtd server exporting the virtualization support.
Built bykojiadmin
State complete
StartedWed, 30 Jan 2019 18:23:36 CET
CompletedWed, 30 Jan 2019 18:23:36 CET
libvirt-1.2.17-13.el7_2.5.src.rpm (info) (download)
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libvirt-client-1.2.17-13.el7_2.5.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-1.2.17-13.el7_2.5.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-config-network-1.2.17-13.el7_2.5.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-config-nwfilter-1.2.17-13.el7_2.5.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-interface-1.2.17-13.el7_2.5.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-lxc-1.2.17-13.el7_2.5.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-network-1.2.17-13.el7_2.5.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-nodedev-1.2.17-13.el7_2.5.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-nwfilter-1.2.17-13.el7_2.5.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-qemu-1.2.17-13.el7_2.5.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-secret-1.2.17-13.el7_2.5.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-1.2.17-13.el7_2.5.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-kvm-1.2.17-13.el7_2.5.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-lxc-1.2.17-13.el7_2.5.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-devel-1.2.17-13.el7_2.5.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-docs-1.2.17-13.el7_2.5.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-lock-sanlock-1.2.17-13.el7_2.5.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-login-shell-1.2.17-13.el7_2.5.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
Changelog * Thu May 26 2016 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.2.17-13.el7_2.5 - nodedev: Indent PCI express for future fix (rhbz#1331328) - nodedev: Expose PCI header type (rhbz#1331328) - nodedev: Fix parsing of generated XMLs (rhbz#1331328) - qemu: driver: Remove unnecessary flag in qemuDomainGetStatsBlock (rhbz#1339963) - qemu: driver: Separate bulk stats worker for block devices (rhbz#1339963) - qemu: bulk stats: Don't access possibly blocked storage (rhbz#1339963) * Wed Mar 02 2016 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.2.17-13.el7_2.4 - systemd: Escape machine name for machined (rhbz#1308494) - systemd: Add virSystemdGetMachineNameByPID (rhbz#1308494) - systemd: Modernize machine naming (rhbz#1308494) - virSystemdGetMachineNameByPID: Initialize @reply (rhbz#1308494) - util: Fix virCgroupNewMachine ATTRIBUTE_NONNULL args (rhbz#1308494) - dbus: Don't unref NULL messages (rhbz#1308494) - vmx: Expose datacenter path in domain XML (rhbz#1305489) * Wed Jan 27 2016 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.2.17-13.el7_2.3 - vmx: Adapt to emptyBackingString for cdrom-image (rhbz#1301892) * Mon Nov 23 2015 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.2.17-13.el7_2.2 - qemu: Support vhost-user-multiqueue with QEMU 2.3 (rhbz#1284416) * Fri Nov 20 2015 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.2.17-13.el7_2.1 - qemu: migration: Properly parse memory hotplug migration flag (rhbz#1280419) - qemu: Emit correct audit message for memory hot unplug (rhbz#1280420) - qemu: Emit correct audit message for memory hot plug (rhbz#1280420) - qemu: Extract logic to determine the mlock limit size for VFIO (rhbz#1280420) - qemu: hotplug: Fix mlock limit handling on memory hotplug (rhbz#1280420) - qemu: domain: Restructurate control flow in qemuDomainGetMlockLimitBytes (rhbz#1280420) - qemu: Explain mlock limit size more in detail (rhbz#1280420) - qemu: hotplug: Reject VFIO hotplug if setting RLIMIT_MEMLOCK fails (rhbz#1283924) - process: Log when limiting the amount of locked memory (rhbz#1283924) - qemu: Use qemuDomainRequiresMlock() in qemuBuildCommandLine() (rhbz#1283924) - qemu: Use qemuDomainRequiresMlock() when attaching PCI hostdev (rhbz#1283924) - qemu: Add ppc64-specific math to qemuDomainGetMlockLimitBytes() (rhbz#1283924) - qemu: Always set locked memory limit for ppc64 domains (rhbz#1283924) * Thu Oct 08 2015 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.2.17-13 - qemu: Add conditions for qemu-kvm use on ppc64 (rhbz#1267882) - qemu: Move simplification variable to begining of the function (rhbz#1266856) - qemu: Extract -mem-path building into its own function (rhbz#1266856) - qemu: Add -mem-path even with numa (rhbz#1266856) - qemu: Use memory-backing-file only when needed (rhbz#1266856) - qemu: Always update migration times on destination (rhbz#1265902) - qemu: Copy completed migration stats only on success (rhbz#1265902) - qemu: Introduce flags in qemuMigrationCompleted (rhbz#1265902) - qemu: Make updating stats in qemuMigrationCheckJobStatus optional (rhbz#1265902) - qemu: Wait until destination QEMU consumes all migration data (rhbz#1265902) * Wed Sep 30 2015 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.2.17-12 - qemu: Fix dynamic_ownership qemu.conf setting (rhbz#1267154) * Fri Sep 25 2015 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.2.17-11 - domain: Fix migratable XML with graphics/@listen (rhbz#1265111) * Wed Sep 23 2015 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.2.17-10 - virSecuritySELinuxSetSecurityAllLabel: drop useless virFileIsSharedFSType (rhbz#1124841) - security_selinux: Replace SELinuxSCSICallbackData with proper struct (rhbz#1124841) - virSecurityManager: Track if running as privileged (rhbz#1124841) - security_selinux: Take @privileged into account (rhbz#1124841) - qemu: Fix using guest architecture as lookup key (rhbz#1260753) - virfile: Check for existence of dir in virFileDeleteTree (rhbz#1146886) - Revert "qemu: Fix integer/boolean logic in qemuSetUnprivSGIO" (rhbz#1072736) - qemu: migration: Relax enforcement of memory hotplug support (rhbz#1252685) - conf: Add helper to determine whether memory hotplug is enabled for a vm (rhbz#1252685) - qemu: Make memory alignment helper more universal (rhbz#1252685) - conf: Drop VIR_DOMAIN_DEF_PARSE_CLOCK_ADJUST flag (rhbz#1252685) - conf: Document all VIR_DOMAIN_DEF_PARSE_* flags (rhbz#1252685) - conf: Add XML parser flag that will allow us to do incompatible updates (rhbz#1252685) - conf: Split memory related post parse stuff into separate function (rhbz#1252685) - conf: Rename max_balloon to total_memory (rhbz#1252685) - conf: Pre-calculate initial memory size instead of always calculating it (rhbz#1252685) - conf: Don't always recalculate initial memory size from NUMA size totals (rhbz#1252685) - qemu: command: Align memory sizes only on fresh starts (rhbz#1252685) - qemu: ppc64: Align memory sizes to 256MiB blocks (rhbz#1249006) - test: Add test to validate that memory sizes don't get updated on migration (rhbz#1252685) - qemu: Align memory module sizes to 2MiB (rhbz#1252685) - qemu: Refresh memory size only on fresh starts (rhbz#1242940) * Wed Sep 16 2015 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.2.17-9 - conf: fix crash when parsing a unordered NUMA <cell/> (rhbz#1260846) - vmx: Some whitespace cleanup (rhbz#1172544) - vmx: The virVMXParseDisk deviceType can be NULL, add some missing checks (rhbz#1172544) - vmx: Add handling for CDROM devices with SCSI passthru (rhbz#1172544) - qemu: hotplug: Properly clean up drive backend if frontend hotplug fails (rhbz#1262399) - qemu: Introduce QEMU_CAPS_DEVICE_RTL8139 (rhbz#1254044) - qemu: Introduce QEMU_CAPS_DEVICE_E1000 (rhbz#1254044) - qemu: Introduce QEMU_CAPS_DEVICE_VIRTIO_NET (rhbz#1254044) - qemu: Try several network devices when looking for a default (rhbz#1254044) - qemu: Report error if per-VM directory cannot be created (rhbz#1146886) - qemu: Do not allow others into per-VM subdirectories (rhbz#1146886) - qemu: Allow others to browse /var/lib/libvirt/qemu (rhbz#1146886) * Mon Sep 07 2015 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.2.17-8 - util: make virNetDev(Replace|Restore)MacAddress public functions (rhbz#1257004) - util: don't use netlink to save/set mac for macvtap+passthrough+802.1Qbh (rhbz#1257004) - cpu: Introduce IvyBridge CPU model (rhbz#1254420) - examples: Add example polkit ACL rules (rhbz#1115289) - qemu: don't use initialized ret in qemuRemoveSharedDevice (rhbz#1072736) - qemu: Introduce qemuDomainMachineIsS390CCW (rhbz#1258361) - qemu: Need to check for machine.os when using ADDRESS_TYPE_CCW (rhbz#1258361) * Thu Sep 03 2015 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.2.17-7 - Start daemon only after filesystems are mounted (rhbz#1255228) - virfile: Add error for root squash change mode failure (rhbz#1253609) - virfile: Introduce virFileUnlink (rhbz#1253609) - storage: Correct the 'mode' check (rhbz#1253609) - storage: Handle failure from refreshVol (rhbz#1253609) - util: Add virStringGetFirstWithPrefix (rhbz#1165580) - util: Add virCgroupGetBlockDevString (rhbz#1165580) - util: Add getters for cgroup block device I/O throttling (rhbz#1165580) - lxc: Sync BlkioDevice values when setting them in cgroups (rhbz#1165580) - qemu: Sync BlkioDevice values when setting them in cgroups (rhbz#1165580) - Allow vfio hotplug of a device to the domain which owns the iommu (rhbz#1256486) - hostdev: skip ACS check when using VFIO for device assignment (rhbz#1256486) - docs: Clarify unprivileged sgio feature (rhbz#1072736) - qemu: Introduce qemuIsSharedHostdev (rhbz#1072736) - qemu: Introduce qemuGetHostdevPath (rhbz#1072736) - qemu: Refactor qemuCheckSharedDisk to create qemuCheckUnprivSGIO (rhbz#1072736) - qemu: Inline qemuGetHostdevPath (rhbz#1072736) - qemu: Refactor qemuSetUnprivSGIO return values (rhbz#1072736) - qemu: Fix integer/boolean logic in qemuSetUnprivSGIO (rhbz#1072736) - RHEL: qemu: Add ability to set sgio values for hostdev (rhbz#1072736) - RHEL: qemu: Add check for unpriv sgio for SCSI generic host device (rhbz#1072736) - security_selinux: Use proper structure to access socket data (rhbz#1146886) - security_dac: Label non-listening sockets (rhbz#1146886) - security: Add virSecurityDomainSetDirLabel (rhbz#1146886) - security_stack: Add SetDirLabel support (rhbz#1146886) - security_selinux: Add SetDirLabel support (rhbz#1146886) - security_dac: Add SetDirLabel support (rhbz#1146886) - qemu: Fix access to auto-generated socket paths (rhbz#1146886) - tests: Use qemuProcessPrepareMonitorChr in qemuxmlnstest (rhbz#1146886) - qemu: Label correct per-VM path when starting (rhbz#1146886) - selinux: fix compile errors (rhbz#1146886) - conf: Add ioeventfd option for controllers (rhbz#1150484) - qemu: Enable ioeventfd usage for virtio-scsi controllers (rhbz#1150484) * Sat Aug 22 2015 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.2.17-6 - api: Remove check on iothread_id arg in virDomainPinIOThread (rhbz#1251886) - api: Adjust comment for virDomainAddIOThread (rhbz#1251886) - qemu: Add check for invalid iothread_id in qemuDomainChgIOThread (rhbz#1251886) - conf: Check for attach disk usage of iothread=0 (rhbz#1253108) - virNetDevBandwidthUpdateRate: turn class_id into integer (rhbz#1252473) - bridge_driver: Introduce networkBandwidthChangeAllowed (rhbz#1252473) - bridge_driver: Introduce networkBandwidthUpdate (rhbz#1252473) - qemuDomainSetInterfaceParameters: Use new functions to update bandwidth (rhbz#1252473) - cpu: Don't update host-model guest CPUs on ppc64 (rhbz#1251927) - cpu: Better support for ppc64 compatibility modes (rhbz#1251927) - cpu: Move check for NULL CPU model inside the driver (rhbz#1251927) - tests: Add some compatibility-related cases to the CPU tests (rhbz#1251927) * Thu Aug 13 2015 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.2.17-5 - numa_conf: Introduce virDomainNumaGetMaxCPUID (rhbz#1176020) - virDomainDefParseXML: Check for malicious cpu ids in <numa/> (rhbz#1176020) - conf: more useful error message when pci function is out of range (rhbz#1004596) - qemu: Fix reporting of physical capacity for block devices (rhbz#1250982) - network: verify proper address family in updates to <host> and <range> (rhbz#1184736) - rpc: Remove keepalive_required option (rhbz#1247087) - virNetDevBandwidthParseRate: Reject negative values (rhbz#1022292) - domain: Fix crash if trying to live update disk <serial> (rhbz#1007228) - qemu: fail on attempts to use <filterref> for non-tap network connections (rhbz#1180011) - network: validate network NAT range (rhbz#985653) - conf: Don't try formating non-existing addresses (rhbz#985653) - cpu: Rename {powerpc, ppc} => ppc64 (filesystem) (rhbz#1250977) - cpu: Rename {powerpc, ppc} => ppc64 (exported symbols) (rhbz#1250977) - cpu: Rename {powerpc, ppc} => ppc64 (internal symbols) (rhbz#1250977) - cpu: Indentation changes in the ppc64 driver (rhbz#1250977) - cpu: Mark driver functions in ppc64 driver (rhbz#1250977) - cpu: Simplify NULL handling in ppc64 driver (rhbz#1250977) - cpu: Simplify ppc64ModelFromCPU() (rhbz#1250977) - cpu: Reorder functions in the ppc64 driver (rhbz#1250977) - cpu: Remove ISA information from CPU map XML (rhbz#1250977) - tests: Remove unused file (rhbz#1250977) - tests: Improve result handling in cpuTestGuestData() (rhbz#1250977) - cpu: Never skip CPU model name check in ppc64 driver (rhbz#1250977) - cpu: CPU model names have to match on ppc64 (rhbz#1250977) - cpu: Use ppc64Compute() to implement ppc64DriverCompare() (rhbz#1250977) - tests: Temporarily disable ppc64 cpu tests (rhbz#1250977) - cpu: Align ppc64 CPU data with x86 (rhbz#1250977) - cpu: Support multiple PVRs in the ppc64 driver (rhbz#1250977) - cpu: Simplify ppc64 part of CPU map XML (rhbz#1250977) - cpu: Parse and use PVR masks in the ppc64 driver (rhbz#1250977) - cpu: Add POWER8NVL information to CPU map XML (rhbz#1250977) - cpu: Implement backwards compatibility in the ppc64 driver (rhbz#1250977) - cpu: Forbid model fallback in the ppc64 driver (rhbz#1250977) - tests: Re-enable ppc64 cpu tests (rhbz#1250977) - tests: Add a bunch of cpu test case for ppc64 (rhbz#1250977) - cpu: Fix segfault in the ppc64 driver (rhbz#1250977) - qemu: Fix segfault when parsing private domain data (rhbz#1162947) - conf: Pass private data to Parse function of XML options (rhbz#1162947) - qemu: Keep numad hint after daemon restart (rhbz#1162947) - qemu: Use numad information when getting pin information (rhbz#1162947) * Fri Aug 07 2015 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.2.17-4 - qemu: Reject migration with memory-hotplug if destination doesn't support it (rhbz#1248350) - qemu: Properly check for incoming migration job (rhbz#1242904) - qemu: Do not reset labels when migration fails (rhbz#1242904) - qemu: Check for iotune_max support properly (rhbz#1224053) - docs: Add Fibre Channel NPIV supported option for volume lun config (rhbz#1238545) - conf: Allow error reporting in virDomainDiskSourceIsBlockType (rhbz#1238545) - qemu: Forbid image pre-creation for non-shared storage migration (rhbz#1249587) - qemu: remove deadcode in qemuDomain{HelperGetVcpus|GetIOThreadsLive} (rhbz#1213713) - nodeinfo: Introduce local linuxGetCPUPresentPath (rhbz#1213713) - nodeinfo: Add sysfs_prefix to nodeGetCPUCount (rhbz#1213713) - nodeinfo: Add sysfs_prefix to nodeGetPresentCPUBitmap (rhbz#1213713) - nodeinfo: Add sysfs_prefix to nodeGetCPUBitmap (rhbz#1213713) - nodeinfo: Add sysfs_prefix to nodeGetCPUMap (rhbz#1213713) - nodeinfo: Add sysfs_prefix to nodeGetInfo (rhbz#1213713) - nodeinfo: Add sysfs_prefix to nodeCapsInitNUMA (rhbz#1213713) - nodeinfo: Add sysfs_prefix to nodeGetMemoryStats (rhbz#1213713) - nodeinfo: fix to parse present cpus rather than possible cpus (rhbz#1213713) - tests: Add nodeinfo test for non-present CPUs (rhbz#1213713) - nodeinfo: Make sysfs_prefix usage more consistent (rhbz#1213713) - nodeinfo: Formatting changes (rhbz#1213713) - tests: Restore links in deconfigured-cpus nodeinfo test (rhbz#1213713) - nodeinfo: Add nodeGetPresentCPUBitmap() to libvirt_private.syms (rhbz#1213713) - nodeinfo: Fix nodeGetCPUBitmap()'s fallback code path (rhbz#1213713) - nodeinfo: Introduce linuxGetCPUGlobalPath() (rhbz#1213713) - nodeinfo: Introduce linuxGetCPUOnlinePath() (rhbz#1213713) - nodeinfo: Rename linuxParseCPUmax() to linuxParseCPUCount() (rhbz#1213713) - nodeinfo: Add old kernel compatibility to nodeGetPresentCPUBitmap() (rhbz#1213713) - nodeinfo: Remove out parameter from nodeGetCPUBitmap() (rhbz#1213713) - nodeinfo: Rename nodeGetCPUBitmap() to nodeGetOnlineCPUBitmap() (rhbz#1213713) - nodeinfo: Phase out cpu_set_t usage (rhbz#1213713) - nodeinfo: Use nodeGetOnlineCPUBitmap() when parsing node (rhbz#1213713) - nodeinfo: Use a bitmap to keep track of node CPUs (rhbz#1213713) - nodeinfo: Calculate present and online CPUs only once (rhbz#1213713) - nodeinfo: Check for errors when reading core_id (rhbz#1213713) - Renamed deconfigured-cpus to allow make dist (rhbz#1213713) - tests: Finish rename of the long nodeinfo test case (rhbz#1213713) - nodeinfo: Fix output on PPC64 KVM hosts (rhbz#1213713) - tests: Prepare for subcore tests (rhbz#1213713) - tests: Add subcores1 nodeinfo test (rhbz#1213713) - tests: Add subcores2 nodeinfo test (rhbz#1213713) - tests: Add subcores3 nodeinfo test (rhbz#1213713) - nodeinfo: Fix build failure when KVM headers are not available (rhbz#1213713) - qemu: fix some api cannot work when disable cpuset in conf (rhbz#1244664) - qemu: Auto assign pci addresses for shared memory devices (rhbz#1165029) - conf: Add getter for network routes (rhbz#1094205) - network: Add another collision check into networkCheckRouteCollision (rhbz#1094205) - docs: Document how libvirt handles companion controllers (rhbz#1069590) - qemu: Reject updating unsupported disk information (rhbz#1007228) * Thu Jul 30 2015 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.2.17-3 - qemuProcessHandleMigrationStatus: Update migration status more frequently (rhbz#1212077) - qemuDomainSetNumaParamsLive: Check for NUMA mode more wisely (rhbz#1232663) - qemu: process: Improve update of maximum balloon state at startup (rhbz#1242940) - storage: Fix pool building when directory already exists (rhbz#1244080) - virsh: report error if vcpu number exceed the guest maxvcpu number (rhbz#1160559) - cmdVcpuPin: Remove dead code (rhbz#1160559) - rpc: Add virNetDaemonHasClients (rhbz#1240283) - rpc: Rework timerActive logic in daemon (rhbz#1240283) - cgroup: Drop resource partition from virSystemdMakeScopeName (rhbz#1238570) - virsh: blockjob: Extract block job info code into a separate function (rhbz#1227551) - virsh: cmdBlockJob: Switch to declarative flag interlocking (rhbz#1227551) - virsh: blockjob: Split out vshBlockJobSetSpeed from blockJobImpl (rhbz#1227551) - virsh: block job: separate abort from blockJobImpl (rhbz#1227551) - virsh: Split out block pull implementation from blockJobImpl (rhbz#1227551) - virsh: Kill blockJobImpl by moving the final impl into cmdBlockCommit (rhbz#1227551) - virsh: Refactor argument checking in cmdBlockCommit (rhbz#1227551) - virsh: Refactor argument handling in cmdBlockCopy (rhbz#1227551) - virsh: Refactor argument handling in cmdBlockPull (rhbz#1227551) - qemu: Update state of block job to READY only if it actually is ready (rhbz#1227551) - virsh: Refactor block job waiting in cmdBlockPull (rhbz#1227551) - virsh: Refactor block job waiting in cmdBlockCommit (rhbz#1227551) - virsh: Refactor block job waiting in cmdBlockCopy (rhbz#1197592) * Fri Jul 10 2015 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.2.17-2 - util: bitmap: Don't alloc overly large binary bitmaps (rhbz#1238589) - storage: Fix regression in storagePoolUpdateAllState (rhbz#1238610) - Separate isa-fdc options generation (rhbz#1227880) - Explicitly format the isa-fdc controller for newer q35 machines (rhbz#1227880) - Add rhel machine types to qemuDomainMachineNeedsFDC (rhbz#1227880) - conf: Don't allow duplicated target names regardless of bus (rhbz#1142631) - storage: Revert volume obj list updating after volume creation (4749d82a) (rhbz#1241454) - qemu_monitor: Wire up MIGRATION event (rhbz#1212077) - qemu: Enable migration events on QMP monitor (rhbz#1212077) - qemuDomainGetJobStatsInternal: Support migration events (rhbz#1212077) - qemu: Update migration state according to MIGRATION event (rhbz#1212077) - qemu: Wait for migration events on domain condition (rhbz#1212077) - qemu: Check duplicate WWNs also for hotplugged disks (rhbz#1208009) - qemu: move the guest status check before agent config and status check (rhbz#1240979) - qemu: report error for non-existing disk in blockjobinfo (rhbz#1241355) - virCondWaitUntil: add another return value (rhbz#1147471) - virDomainObjSignal: drop this function (rhbz#1147471) - monitor: detect that eject fails because the tray is locked (rhbz#1147471) - qemu_hotplug: try harder to eject media (rhbz#1147471) - qemu: Drop LFs at the end of error from QEMU log (rhbz#1090093) - Introduce virHashAtomic (rhbz#1090093) - Introduce virErrorCopyNew (rhbz#1090093) - RHEL: spec: Require perl-XML-XPath (rhbz#1090093) - qemu: Remember incoming migration errors (rhbz#1090093) - qemu: Don't report false error from MigrateFinish (rhbz#1090093) - qemu: Use error from Finish instead of "unexpectedly failed" (rhbz#1090093) - cpu: Add support for MPX and AVX512 Intel features (rhbz#1076170) * Thu Jul 02 2015 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.2.17-1 - Rebased to libvirt-1.2.17 (rhbz#1194593) - The rebase also fixes the following bugs: rhbz#890648, rhbz#985653, rhbz#1021480, rhbz#1089914, rhbz#1131755 rhbz#1171933, rhbz#1179680, rhbz#1181087, rhbz#1182388, rhbz#1186797 rhbz#1186969, rhbz#1194593, rhbz#1196644, rhbz#1200206, rhbz#1201143 rhbz#1201760, rhbz#1202208, rhbz#1207692, rhbz#1210352, rhbz#1220213 rhbz#1223177, rhbz#1224053, rhbz#1224088, rhbz#1224233, rhbz#1224587 rhbz#1225694, rhbz#1226234, rhbz#1226854, rhbz#1227180, rhbz#1227551 rhbz#1227555, rhbz#1227558, rhbz#1227664, rhbz#1228007, rhbz#1229199 rhbz#1229592, rhbz#1229666, rhbz#1230039, rhbz#1230137, rhbz#1230664 rhbz#1232606, rhbz#1232880, rhbz#1234686, rhbz#1234729, rhbz#1235116 rhbz#1236438, rhbz#1236496, rhbz#1236507, rhbz#1236585, rhbz#1236924 rhbz#1238153, rhbz#1238338 * Thu Jun 04 2015 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.2.16-1 - Rebased to libvirt-1.2.16 (rhbz#1194593) - The rebase also fixes the following bugs: rhbz#847198, rhbz#890648, rhbz#893738, rhbz#976387, rhbz#981546 rhbz#998813, rhbz#1066375, rhbz#1073233, rhbz#1073305, rhbz#1076354 rhbz#1131486, rhbz#1143837, rhbz#1146539, rhbz#1159171, rhbz#1159219 rhbz#1161541, rhbz#1164966, rhbz#1171984, rhbz#1174177, rhbz#1174226 rhbz#1176020, rhbz#1176739, rhbz#1177599, rhbz#1181074, rhbz#1183893 rhbz#1191227, rhbz#1194593, rhbz#1195882, rhbz#1197580, rhbz#1204006 rhbz#1204033, rhbz#1206521, rhbz#1207043, rhbz#1211938, rhbz#1213345 rhbz#1218145, rhbz#1218577, rhbz#1220195, rhbz#1220265, rhbz#1220474 rhbz#1220702, rhbz#1220809, rhbz#1221047, rhbz#1221504, rhbz#1223631 rhbz#1223688, rhbz#1224018, rhbz#1226849 * Mon May 11 2015 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.2.15-2 - RHEL: Relax qemu-kvm dependency from libvirt-daemon-kvm (rhbz#1212642) - caps: Fix regression defaulting to host arch (rhbz#1219191) * Mon May 04 2015 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.2.15-1 - Rebased to libvirt-1.2.15 (rhbz#1194593) - The rebase also fixes the following bugs: rhbz#858147, rhbz#890606, rhbz#1043436, rhbz#1073305, rhbz#1076708 rhbz#1084876, rhbz#1147847, rhbz#1161617, rhbz#1165119, rhbz#1168530 rhbz#1171933, rhbz#1177062, rhbz#1177733, rhbz#1181465, rhbz#1192318 rhbz#1200634, rhbz#1202606, rhbz#1202704, rhbz#1203628, rhbz#1203931 rhbz#1206114, rhbz#1206479, rhbz#1206521, rhbz#1206625, rhbz#1207257 rhbz#1208009, rhbz#1208176, rhbz#1208434, rhbz#1208763, rhbz#1209312 rhbz#1209394, rhbz#1209813, rhbz#1210159, rhbz#1210545, rhbz#1210650 rhbz#1210669, rhbz#1211436, rhbz#1211548, rhbz#1211550, rhbz#1213434 rhbz#1213698, rhbz#1215569, rhbz#1216046 * Thu Apr 02 2015 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.2.14-1 - Rebased to libvirt-1.2.14 (rhbz#1194593) - The rebase also fixes the following bugs: rhbz#790583, rhbz#853839, rhbz#872424, rhbz#921426, rhbz#952499 rhbz#958510, rhbz#1070695, rhbz#1125755, rhbz#1127045, rhbz#1129198 rhbz#1135491, rhbz#1140958, rhbz#1141119, rhbz#1142631, rhbz#1142636 rhbz#1143832, rhbz#1155887, rhbz#1161461, rhbz#1163553, rhbz#1164053 rhbz#1166024, rhbz#1171484, rhbz#1173468, rhbz#1174147, rhbz#1176050 rhbz#1177219, rhbz#1177237, rhbz#1179533, rhbz#1181062, rhbz#1187012 rhbz#1187533, rhbz#1190590, rhbz#1196185, rhbz#1196644, rhbz#1196934 rhbz#1197600, rhbz#1199036, rhbz#1199182, rhbz#1206365, rhbz#1206406 rhbz#1206987, rhbz#1207122, rhbz#1207937 - RHEL: Hack around changed Broadwell/Haswell CPUs (rhbz#1199446) * Thu Mar 26 2015 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.2.13-1 - Rebased to libvirt-1.2.13 (rhbz#1194593) - The rebase also fixes the following bugs: rhbz#872028, rhbz#907779, rhbz#927252, rhbz#956891, rhbz#1073506 rhbz#1079917, rhbz#1095637, rhbz#1123767, rhbz#1125764, rhbz#1126762 rhbz#1130390, rhbz#1131919, rhbz#1132900, rhbz#1135442, rhbz#1138125 rhbz#1138516, rhbz#1138539, rhbz#1140034, rhbz#1140960, rhbz#1141159 rhbz#1143921, rhbz#1146334, rhbz#1147195, rhbz#1151942, rhbz#1152404 rhbz#1152473, rhbz#1153891, rhbz#1155843, rhbz#1158034, rhbz#1158722 rhbz#1159180, rhbz#1160559, rhbz#1160995, rhbz#1161831, rhbz#1164627 rhbz#1165485, rhbz#1165993, rhbz#1168849, rhbz#1169183, rhbz#1170092 rhbz#1170140, rhbz#1170492, rhbz#1171533, rhbz#1171582, rhbz#1172015 rhbz#1172468, rhbz#1172526, rhbz#1173420, rhbz#1174096, rhbz#1174154 rhbz#1174569, rhbz#1175123, rhbz#1175449, rhbz#1176503, rhbz#1176510 rhbz#1177723, rhbz#1178652, rhbz#1178850, rhbz#1178853, rhbz#1178986 rhbz#1179678, rhbz#1179684, rhbz#1179981, rhbz#1181182, rhbz#1182467 rhbz#1183869, rhbz#1183890, rhbz#1185165, rhbz#1186175, rhbz#1186199 rhbz#1186765, rhbz#1186886, rhbz#1188914, rhbz#1189007, rhbz#1190956 rhbz#1191016, rhbz#1191227, rhbz#1191355, rhbz#1191567, rhbz#1195461 rhbz#1196503, rhbz#1196528, rhbz#1204017 * Wed Jan 28 2015 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.2.8-16 - qemu: don't setup cpuset.mems if memory mode in numatune is not 'strict' (rhbz#1186094) - lxc: don't setup cpuset.mems if memory mode in numatune is not 'strict' (rhbz#1186094) * Wed Jan 21 2015 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.2.8-15 - qemu: Add missing goto error in qemuRestoreCgroupState (rhbz#1161540) * Wed Jan 21 2015 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.2.8-14 - virNetworkDefUpdateIPDHCPHost: Don't crash when updating network (rhbz#1182486) - Format CPU features even for host-model (rhbz#1182448) - util: Add function virCgroupHasEmptyTasks (rhbz#1161540) - util: Add virNumaGetHostNodeset (rhbz#1161540) - qemu: Remove unnecessary qemuSetupCgroupPostInit function (rhbz#1161540) - qemu: Save numad advice into qemuDomainObjPrivate (rhbz#1161540) - qemu: Leave cpuset.mems in parent cgroup alone (rhbz#1161540) - qemu: Fix hotplugging cpus with strict memory pinning (rhbz#1161540) - util: Fix possible NULL dereference (rhbz#1161540) - qemu_driver: fix setting vcpus for offline domain (rhbz#1161540) - qemu: migration: Unlock vm on failed ACL check in protocol v2 APIs (CVE-2014-8136) - CVE-2015-0236: qemu: Check ACLs when dumping security info from save image (CVE-2015-0236) - CVE-2015-0236: qemu: Check ACLs when dumping security info from snapshots (CVE-2015-0236) - Check for domain liveness in qemuDomainObjExitMonitor (rhbz#1161024) - Mark the domain as active in qemuhotplugtest (rhbz#1161024) - Fix vmdef usage while in monitor in qemuDomainHotplugVcpus (rhbz#1161024) - Fix vmdef usage while in monitor in BlockStat* APIs (rhbz#1161024) - Fix vmdef usage while in monitor in qemu process (rhbz#1161024) - Fix vmdef usage after domain crash in monitor on device detach (rhbz#1161024) - Fix vmdef usage after domain crash in monitor on device attach (rhbz#1161024) * Wed Jan 14 2015 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.2.8-13 - conf: Fix memory leak when parsing invalid network XML (rhbz#1180136) - qxl: change the default value for vgamem_mb to 16 MiB (rhbz#1181052) - qemuxml2argvtest: Fix test after change of qxl vgamem_mb default (rhbz#1181052) - conf: fix crash when hotplug a channel chr device with no target (rhbz#1181408) - qemu: forbid second blockcommit during active commit (rhbz#1135339) - qemu_monitor: introduce new function to get QOM path (rhbz#1180574) - qemu_process: detect updated video ram size values from QEMU (rhbz#1180574) * Wed Jan 07 2015 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.2.8-12 - Fix hotplugging of block device-backed usb disks (rhbz#1175668) - qemu: Create memory-backend-{ram, file} iff needed (rhbz#1175397) - conf: Don't format actual network definition in migratable XML (rhbz#1177194) * Wed Dec 17 2014 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.2.8-11 - virsh: vol-upload disallow negative offset (rhbz#1087104) - storage: fix crash caused by no check return before set close (rhbz#1087104) - qemu: Fix virsh freeze when blockcopy storage file is removed (rhbz#1139567) - security: Manage SELinux labels on shared/readonly hostdev's (rhbz#1082521) - nwfilter: fix crash when adding non-existing nwfilter (rhbz#1169409) - conf: Fix libvirtd crash matching hostdev XML (rhbz#1174053) - qemu: Resolve Coverity REVERSE_INULL (rhbz#1172570) - CVE-2014-8131: Fix possible deadlock and segfault in qemuConnectGetAllDomainStats() (CVE-2014-8131) - qemu: bulk stats: Fix logic in monitor handling (rhbz#1172570) - qemu: avoid rare race when undefining domain (rhbz#1150505) - Do not format CPU features without a model (rhbz#1151885) - Ignore CPU features without a model for host-passthrough (rhbz#1151885) - Silently ignore MAC in NetworkLoadConfig (rhbz#1156367) - Generate a MAC when loading a config instead of package update (rhbz#1156367) - qemu: move setting emulatorpin ahead of monitor showing up (rhbz#1170484) - util: Introduce flags field for macvtap creation (rhbz#1081461) - network: Bring netdevs online later (rhbz#1081461) - qemu: always call qemuInterfaceStartDevices() when starting CPUs (rhbz#1081461) - qemu: add a qemuInterfaceStopDevices(), called when guest CPUs stop (rhbz#1081461) - conf: replace call to virNetworkFree() with virObjectUnref() (rhbz#1099210) - util: new functions for setting bridge and bridge port attributes (rhbz#1099210) - util: functions to manage bridge fdb (forwarding database) (rhbz#1099210) - conf: new network bridge device attribute macTableManager (rhbz#1099210) - network: save bridge name in ActualNetDef when actualType==network too (rhbz#1099210) - network: store network macTableManager setting in NetDef actual object (rhbz#1099210) - network: setup bridge devices for macTableManager='libvirt' (rhbz#1099210) - qemu: setup tap devices for macTableManager='libvirt' (rhbz#1099210) - qemu: add/remove bridge fdb entries as guest CPUs are started/stopped (rhbz#1099210) - virsh: document block.n.allocation stat (rhbz#1041569) - getstats: avoid memory leak on OOM (rhbz#1041569) - getstats: improve documentation (rhbz#1041569) - getstats: start giving offline block stats (rhbz#1041569) - getstats: add block.n.path stat (rhbz#1041569) - qemuMonitorJSONBlockStatsUpdateCapacity: Don't skip disks (rhbz#1041569) - getstats: prepare monitor collection for recursion (rhbz#1041569) - getstats: perform recursion in monitor collection (rhbz#1041569) - getstats: prepare for dynamic block.count stat (rhbz#1041569) - getstats: add new flag for block backing chain (rhbz#1041569) - getstats: split block stats reporting for easier recursion (rhbz#1041569) - getstats: crawl backing chain for qemu (rhbz#1041569) - logical: Add "--type snapshot" to lvcreate command (rhbz#1166592) * Mon Dec 01 2014 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.2.8-10 - qemu: add the missing jobinfo type in qemuDomainGetJobInfo (rhbz#1167883) - network: Fix upgrade from libvirt older than 1.2.4 (rhbz#1167145) - qemu: fix domain startup failing with 'strict' mode in numatune (rhbz#1168866) - qemu: Don't track quiesced state of FSs (rhbz#1160084) - qemu: fix block{commit,copy} abort handling (rhbz#1135169) * Tue Nov 25 2014 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.2.8-9 - doc: fix mismatched ACL attribute name (rhbz#1161358) - qemu: monitor: Rename and improve qemuMonitorGetPtyPaths (rhbz#1146944) - conf: Add channel state for virtio channels to the XML (rhbz#1146944) - qemu: Add handling for VSERPORT_CHANGE event (rhbz#1146944) - qemu: chardev: Extract more information about character devices (rhbz#1146944) - qemu: process: Refresh virtio channel guest state when connecting to mon (rhbz#1146944) - event: Add guest agent lifecycle event (rhbz#1146944) - examples: Add support for the guest agent lifecycle event (rhbz#1146944) - qemu: Emit the guest agent lifecycle event (rhbz#1146944) - internal: add macro to round value to the next closest power of 2 (rhbz#1076098) - video: cleanup usage of vram attribute and update documentation (rhbz#1076098) - QXL: fix setting ram and vram values for QEMU QXL device (rhbz#1076098) - caps: introduce new QEMU capability for vgamem_mb device property (rhbz#1076098) - qemu-command: use vram attribute for all video devices (rhbz#1076098) - qemu-command: introduce new vgamem attribute for QXL video device (rhbz#1076098) * Fri Nov 21 2014 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.2.8-8 - qemu: Fix crash in tunnelled migration (rhbz#1147331) - qemu: Really fix crash in tunnelled migration (rhbz#1147331) - qemu: Update fsfreeze status on domain state transitions (rhbz#1160084) - qemuPrepareNVRAM: Save domain conf only if domain's persistent (rhbz#1026772) - docs: Document NVRAM behavior on transient domains (rhbz#1026772) - Fix build in qemu_capabilities (rhbz#1165782) - qemu: Support OVMF on armv7l aarch64 guests (rhbz#1165782) - qemu: Drop OVMF whitelist (rhbz#1165782) - storage: Fix issue finding LU's when block doesn't exist (rhbz#1152382) - storage: Add thread to refresh for createVport (rhbz#1152382) - storage: qemu: Fix security labelling of new image chain elements (rhbz#1151718) - virsh: sync domdisplay help and manual (rhbz#997802) - docs: domain: Move docs for storage hosts under the <source> element (rhbz#1164528) - test: virstoragetest: Add testing of network disk details (rhbz#1164528) - util: storage: Copy hosts of a storage file only if they exist (rhbz#1164528) - qemu: Refactor qemuBuildNetworkDriveURI to take a virStorageSourcePtr (rhbz#1164528) - tests: Reflow the expected output from RBD disk test (rhbz#1164528) - util: split out qemuParseRBDString into a common helper (rhbz#1164528) - util: storagefile: Split out parsing of NBD string into a separate func (rhbz#1164528) - storage: Allow parsing of RBD backing strings when building backing chain (rhbz#1164528) - storage: rbd: qemu: Add support for specifying internal RBD snapshots (rhbz#1164528) - storage: rbd: Implement support for passing config file option (rhbz#1164528) * Fri Nov 14 2014 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.2.8-7 - qemu: avoid rare race when undefining domain (rhbz#1150505) - qemu: stop NBD server after successful migration (rhbz#1160212) - Require at least one console for LXC domain (rhbz#1155410) - remote: Fix memory leak in remoteConnectGetAllDomainStats (rhbz#1158715) - CVE-2014-7823: dumpxml: security hole with migratable flag (CVE-2014-7823) - Free job statistics from the migration cookie (rhbz#1161124) - Fix virDomainChrEquals for spicevmc (rhbz#1162097) - network: fix call virNetworkEventLifecycleNew when networkStartNetwork fail (rhbz#1162915) - Do not crash on gluster snapshots with no host name (rhbz#1162974) - nwfilter: fix deadlock caused updating network device and nwfilter (rhbz#1143780) - util: eliminate "use after free" in callers of virNetDevLinkDump (rhbz#1163463) - storage: Check for valid fc_host parent at startup (rhbz#1160565) - storage: Ensure fc_host parent matches wwnn/wwpn (rhbz#1160565) - storage: Don't use a stack copy of the adapter (rhbz#1160926) - storage: Introduce virStoragePoolSaveConfig (rhbz#1160926) - storage: Introduce 'managed' for the fchost parent (rhbz#1160926) - qemu: Always set migration capabilities (rhbz#1163953) * Tue Nov 04 2014 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.2.8-6 - qemu: support nospace reason in io error event (rhbz#1119784) - RHEL: Add support for QMP I/O error reason (rhbz#1119784) - nodeinfo: fix nodeGetFreePages when max node is zero (rhbz#1145048) - nodeGetFreePages: Push forgotten change (rhbz#1145048) - conf: tests: fix virDomainNetDefFormat for vhost-user in client mode (rhbz#1155458) - util: string: Add helper to check whether string is empty (rhbz#1142693) - qemu: restore: Fix restoring of VM when the restore hook returns empty XML (rhbz#1142693) - security_selinux: Don't relabel /dev/net/tun (rhbz#1095636) - qemu: Fix updating bandwidth limits in live XML (rhbz#1146511) - qemu: save domain status after set the blkio parameters (rhbz#1146511) - qemu: call qemuDomainObjBeginJob/qemuDomainObjEndJob in qemuDomainSetInterfaceParameters (rhbz#1146511) - qemu: save domain status after set domain's numa parameters (rhbz#1146511) - qemu: forbid snapshot-delete --children-only on external snapshot (rhbz#956506) - qemu: better error message when block job can't succeed (rhbz#1140981) - Reject live update of offloading options (rhbz#1155441) - virutil: Introduce virGetSCSIHostNumber (rhbz#1146837) - virutil: Introduce virGetSCSIHostNameByParentaddr (rhbz#1146837) - storage_conf: Resolve libvirtd crash matching scsi_host (rhbz#1146837) - Match scsi_host pools by parent address first (rhbz#1146837) - Relax duplicate SCSI host pool checking (rhbz#1146837) - qemu: Remove possible NULL deref in debug output (rhbz#1141621) - virsh: Adjust the text in man page regarding qemu-attach (rhbz#1141621) - hotplug: Check for alias in controller detach (rhbz#1141621) - hotplug: Check for alias in disk detach (rhbz#1141621) - hotplug: Check for alias in hostdev detach (rhbz#1141621) - hotplug: Check for alias in chrdev detach (rhbz#1141621) - hotplug: Check for alias in net detach (rhbz#1141621) - qemu-attach: Assign device aliases (rhbz#1141621) - hotplug: fix char device detach (rhbz#1141621) - storage: Fix crash when parsing backing store URI with schema (rhbz#1156288) - remote: fix jump depends on uninitialised value (rhbz#1158715) - qemu: Release nbd port from migrationPorts instead of remotePorts (rhbz#1159245) - conf: add trustGuestRxFilters attribute to network and domain interface (rhbz#848199) - network: set interface actual trustGuestRxFilters from network/portgroup (rhbz#848199) - util: define virNetDevRxFilter and basic utility functions (rhbz#848199) - qemu: qemuMonitorQueryRxFilter - retrieve guest netdev rx-filter (rhbz#848199) - qemu: add short document on qemu event handlers (rhbz#848199) - qemu: setup infrastructure to handle NIC_RX_FILTER_CHANGED event (rhbz#848199) - qemu: change macvtap device MAC address in response to NIC_RX_FILTER_CHANGED (rhbz#848199) - util: Functions to update host network device's multicast filter (rhbz#848199) - qemu: change macvtap multicast list in response to NIC_RX_FILTER_CHANGED (rhbz#848199) - virnetdev: Resolve Coverity DEADCODE (rhbz#848199) - virnetdev: Resolve Coverity FORWARD_NULL (rhbz#848199) - virnetdev: Resolve Coverity RESOURCE_LEAK (rhbz#848199) - lxc: improve error message for invalid blkiotune settings (rhbz#1131306) - qemu: improve error message for invalid blkiotune settings (rhbz#1131306) - Do not probe for power mgmt capabilities in lxc emulator (rhbz#1159227) - qemu: make advice from numad available when building commandline (rhbz#1138545) * Thu Oct 09 2014 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.2.8-5 - qemuPrepareNVRAM: Save domain after NVRAM path generation (rhbz#1026772) - Fix crash cpu_shares change event crash on domain startup (rhbz#1147494) - Don't verify CPU features with host-passthrough (rhbz#1147584) - Also filter out non-migratable features out of host-passthrough (rhbz#1147584) - selinux: Avoid label reservations for type = none (rhbz#1138487) - qemu: bulk stats: extend internal collection API (rhbz#1113116) - qemu: bulk stats: implement CPU stats group (rhbz#1113116) - qemu: bulk stats: implement balloon group (rhbz#1113116) - qemu: bulk stats: implement VCPU group (rhbz#1113116) - qemu: bulk stats: implement interface group (rhbz#1113116) - qemu: bulk stats: implement block group (rhbz#1113116) - virsh: add options to query bulk stats group (rhbz#1113116) - lib: De-duplicate stats group documentation for all stats functions (rhbz#1113116) - lib: Document that virConnectGetAllDomainStats may omit some stats fields (rhbz#1113116) - man: virsh: Add docs for supported stats groups (rhbz#1113116) - qemu: monitor: return block stats data as a hash to avoid disk mixup (rhbz#1113116) - qemu: monitor: Avoid shadowing variable "devname" on FreeBSD (rhbz#1113116) - qemu: monitor: Add helper function to fill physical/virtual image size (rhbz#1113116) - qemu: bulk stats: add block allocation information (rhbz#1113116) - qemu: json: Fix missing break in error reporting function (rhbz#1113116) - qemu: monitor: Avoid shadowing variable "devname" on FreeBSD. Again. (rhbz#1113116) - docs, conf, schema: add support for shmem device (rhbz#1126991) - qemu: add capability probing for ivshmem device (rhbz#1126991) - qemu: Build command line for ivshmem device (rhbz#1126991) - minor shmem clean-ups (rhbz#1126991) - virSecuritySELinuxSetTapFDLabel: Temporarily revert to old behavior (rhbz#1095636) - domain_conf: fix domain deadlock (CVE-2014-3657) - qemu: support relative backing for RHEL 7.0.z qemu (rhbz#1150322) - qemu: Fix hot unplug of SCSI_HOST device (rhbz#1141732) - qemu: Remove need for virConnectPtr in hotunplug detach host, net (rhbz#1141732) * Fri Sep 26 2014 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.2.8-4 - Fix libvirtd crash when removing metadata (rhbz#1143955) - Fix leak in x86UpdateHostModel (rhbz#1144303) - Move the FIPS detection from capabilities (rhbz#1135431) - qemu: raise an error when trying to use readonly sata disks (rhbz#1112939) - virsh-host: fix pagesize unit of freepages (rhbz#1145048) - nodeinfo: report error when given node is out of range (rhbz#1145050) - Fix typo of virNodeGetFreePages comment (rhbz#1145050) - nodeinfo: Prefer MIN in nodeGetFreePages (rhbz#1145050) - Fix bug with loading bridge name for active domain during libvirtd start (rhbz#1140085) - qemu: save image: Split out user provided XML checker (rhbz#1142693) - qemu: save image: Add possibility to return XML stored in the image (rhbz#1142693) - qemu: save image: Split out new definition check/update (rhbz#1142693) - qemu: save image: Split out checks done only when editing the save img (rhbz#1142693) - qemu: hook: Provide hook when restoring a domain save image (rhbz#1142693) - qemu: Expose additional migration statistics (rhbz#1013055) - qemu: Fix old tcp:host URIs more cleanly (rhbz#1013055) - qemu: Prepare support for arbitrary migration protocol (rhbz#1013055) - qemu: Add RDMA migration capabilities (rhbz#1013055) - qemu: RDMA migration support (rhbz#1013055) - qemu: Memory pre-pinning support for RDMA migration (rhbz#1013055) - qemu: Fix memory leak in RDMA migration code (rhbz#1013055) - schemas: finish virTristate{Bool, Switch} transition (rhbz#1139364) - conf: split out virtio net driver formatting (rhbz#1139364) - conf: remove redundant local variable (rhbz#1139364) - conf: add options for disabling segment offloading (rhbz#1139364) - qemu: wire up virtio-net segment offloading options (rhbz#1139364) - spec: Enable qemu driver for RHEL-7 on aarch64 (rhbz#1142448) - blkdeviotune: fix bug with saving values into live XML (rhbz#1146511) - security: Fix labelling host devices (rhbz#1146550) - qemu: Add missing goto on rawio (rhbz#1103739) - hostdev: Add "rawio" attribute to _virDomainHostdevSubsysSCSI (rhbz#1103739) - qemu: Process the hostdev "rawio" setting (rhbz#1103739) - util: Add function to check if a virStorageSource is "empty" (rhbz#1138231) - util: storage: Allow metadata crawler to report useful errors (rhbz#1138231) - qemu: Sanitize argument names and empty disk check in qemuDomainDetermineDiskChain (rhbz#1138231) - qemu: Report better errors from broken backing chains (rhbz#1138231) - storage: Improve error message when traversing backing chains (rhbz#1138231) - qemu: Always re-detect backing chain (rhbz#1144922) - event: introduce new event for tunable values (rhbz#1115898) - tunable_event: extend debug message and tweak limit for remote message (rhbz#1115898) - add an example how to use tunable event (rhbz#1115898) - Fix MinGW build (rhbz#1115898) - event_example: cleanup example code for tunable event (rhbz#1115898) - cputune_event: queue the event for cputune updates (rhbz#1115898) - blkdeviotune: trigger tunable event for blkdeviotune updates (rhbz#1115898) - Rename tunable event constants (rhbz#1115898) - Fix typo s/EMULATORIN/EMULATORPIN/ (rhbz#1115898) - Check for NULL in qemu monitor event filter (rhbz#1144920) * Thu Sep 18 2014 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.2.8-3 - virsh: Move --completed from resume to domjobinfo (rhbz#1063724) - qemu_driver: Resolve Coverity COPY_PASTE_ERROR (rhbz#1141209) - virfile: Resolve Coverity DEADCODE (rhbz#1141209) - lxc: Resolve Coverity FORWARD_NULL (rhbz#1141209) - qemu: Resolve Coverity FORWARD_NULL (rhbz#1141209) - qemu: Resolve Coverity FORWARD_NULL (rhbz#1141209) - xen: Resolve Coverity NEGATIVE_RETURNS (rhbz#1141209) - qemu: Resolve Coverity NEGATIVE_RETURNS (rhbz#1141209) - qemu: Resolve Coverity NEGATIVE_RETURNS (rhbz#1141209) - virsh: Resolve Coverity NEGATIVE_RETURNS (rhbz#1141209) - daemon: Resolve Coverity RESOURCE_LEAK (rhbz#1141209) - domain_conf: Resolve Coverity COPY_PASTE_ERROR (rhbz#1141209) - storage_conf: Fix libvirtd crash when defining scsi storage pool (rhbz#1141943) - qemu: time: Report errors if agent command fails (rhbz#1142294) - util: storage: Copy driver type when initializing chain element (rhbz#1140984) - docs, conf, schema: add support for shared memory mapping (rhbz#1133144) - qemu: add support for shared memory mapping (rhbz#1133144) - rpc: reformat the flow to make a bit more sense (rhbz#927369) - remove redundant pidfile path constructions (rhbz#927369) - util: fix potential leak in error codepath (rhbz#927369) - util: get rid of unnecessary umask() call (rhbz#927369) - rpc: make daemon spawning a bit more intelligent (rhbz#927369) - conf: add backend element to interfaces (rhbz#1139362) - Wire up the interface backend options (rhbz#1139362) - CVE-2014-3633: qemu: blkiotune: Use correct definition when looking up disk (CVE-2014-3633) - qemu: fix crash with shared disks (rhbz#1142722) - nvram: Fix permissions (rhbz#1026772) - libvirt.spec: Fix permission even for libvirt-driver-qemu (rhbz#1026772) - virDomainUndefineFlags: Allow NVRAM unlinking (rhbz#1026772) - formatdomain: Update <loader/> example to match the rest (rhbz#1026772) - domaincaps: Expose UEFI capability (rhbz#1026772) - qemu_capabilities: Change virQEMUCapsFillDomainCaps signature (rhbz#1026772) - domaincaps: Expose UEFI binary path, if it exists (rhbz#1026772) - domaincapstest: Run cleanly on systems missing OVMF firmware (rhbz#1026772) - conf: Disallow nonexistent NUMA nodes for hugepages (rhbz#1135396) - qemu: Honor hugepages for UMA domains (rhbz#1135396) - RHEL: Fix maxvcpus output (rhbz#1092363) - virsh: Add iothread to 'attach-disk' (rhbz#1101574) - qemu: Issue query-iothreads and to get list of active IOThreads (rhbz#1101574) - vircgroup: Introduce virCgroupNewIOThread (rhbz#1101574) - qemu_domain: Add niothreadpids and iothreadpids (rhbz#1101574) - qemu_cgroup: Introduce cgroup functions for IOThreads (rhbz#1101574) - qemu: Allow pinning specific IOThreads to a CPU (rhbz#1101574) - domain_conf: Add iothreadpin to cputune (rhbz#1101574) - vircgroup: Fix broken builds without cgroups (rhbz#1101574) - cputune: allow interleaved xml (rhbz#1101574) - qemu: Fix iothreads issue (rhbz#1101574) - qemu_cgroup: Adjust spacing around incrementor (rhbz#1101574) - qemu: Fix call in qemuDomainSetNumaParamsLive for virCgroupNewIOThread (rhbz#1101574) - qemu: Need to check for capability before query (rhbz#1101574) - qemu: Don't fail startup/attach for IOThreads if no JSON (rhbz#1101574) - Fixes for domains with no iothreads (rhbz#1101574) * Wed Sep 10 2014 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.2.8-2 - remote: Fix memory leak on error path when deserializing bulk stats (rhbz#1136350) - spec: Fix preun script for daemon (rhbz#1136736) - security: fix DH key generation when FIPS mode is on (rhbz#1128497) - tests: force FIPS testing mode with new enough GNU TLS versions (rhbz#1128497) - Don't include non-migratable features in host-model (rhbz#1138221) - qemu: Rename DEFAULT_JOB_MASK to QEMU_DEFAULT_JOB_MASK (rhbz#1134154) - qemu: snapshot: Fix job handling when creating snapshots (rhbz#1134154) - qemu: snapshot: Acquire job earlier on snapshot revert/delete (rhbz#1134154) - qemu: snapshot: Fix snapshot function header formatting and spacing (rhbz#1134154) - qemu: snapshot: Simplify error paths (rhbz#1134154) - qemu: Propagate QEMU errors during incoming migrations (rhbz#1090093) - Refactor job statistics (rhbz#1063724) - qemu: Avoid incrementing jobs_queued if virTimeMillisNow fails (rhbz#1063724) - Add support for fetching statistics of completed jobs (rhbz#1063724) - qemu: Silence coverity on optional migration stats (rhbz#1063724) - virsh: Add support for completed job stats (rhbz#1063724) - qemu: Transfer migration statistics to destination (rhbz#1063724) - qemu: Recompute downtime and total time when migration completes (rhbz#1063724) - qemu: Transfer recomputed stats back to source (rhbz#1063724) - conf: Extend <loader/> and introduce <nvram/> (rhbz#1112257) - qemu: Implement extended loader and nvram (rhbz#1112257) - qemu: Automatically create NVRAM store (rhbz#1112257) * Tue Sep 02 2014 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.2.8-1 - Rebased to libvirt-1.2.8 (rhbz#1035158) - The rebase also fixes the following bugs: rhbz#927369, rhbz#957293, rhbz#999926, rhbz#1021703, rhbz#1043735 rhbz#1047818, rhbz#1062142, rhbz#1064770, rhbz#1072653, rhbz#1078126 rhbz#1095636, rhbz#1103245, rhbz#1119215, rhbz#1121837, rhbz#1121955 rhbz#1122455, rhbz#1126329, rhbz#1126721, rhbz#1126909, rhbz#1128097 rhbz#1128751, rhbz#1129207, rhbz#1129372, rhbz#1129998, rhbz#1130089 rhbz#1130379, rhbz#1131306, rhbz#1131445, rhbz#1131788, rhbz#1131811 rhbz#1131819, rhbz#1131876, rhbz#1132301, rhbz#1132305, rhbz#1132347 * Mon Aug 04 2014 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.2.7-1 - Rebased to libvirt-1.2.7 (rhbz#1035158) - The rebase also fixes the following bugs: rhbz#823535, rhbz#872628, rhbz#874418, rhbz#878394, rhbz#880483 rhbz#921094, rhbz#963817, rhbz#964177, rhbz#967493, rhbz#967494 rhbz#972964, rhbz#983350, rhbz#985782, rhbz#985980, rhbz#990319 rhbz#990418, rhbz#991290, rhbz#992980, rhbz#994731, rhbz#995377 rhbz#997627, rhbz#997802, rhbz#1006700, rhbz#1007698, rhbz#1007759 rhbz#1010885, rhbz#1022874, rhbz#1023366, rhbz#1025407, rhbz#1027076 rhbz#1029266, rhbz#1029732, rhbz#1032363, rhbz#1033020, rhbz#1033398 rhbz#1033704, rhbz#1035128, rhbz#1046192, rhbz#1049038, rhbz#1052114 rhbz#1056902, rhbz#1062142, rhbz#1063837, rhbz#1066280, rhbz#1066894 rhbz#1067338, rhbz#1069552, rhbz#1069784, rhbz#1070680, rhbz#1072141 rhbz#1072677, rhbz#1073368, rhbz#1073506, rhbz#1074086, rhbz#1075290 rhbz#1075299, rhbz#1076957, rhbz#1076959, rhbz#1076960, rhbz#1076962 rhbz#1077009, rhbz#1077572, rhbz#1078590, rhbz#1079162, rhbz#1079173 rhbz#1080859, rhbz#1081881, rhbz#1081932, rhbz#1082124, rhbz#1083345 rhbz#1084360, rhbz#1085706, rhbz#1085769, rhbz#1086121, rhbz#1086331 rhbz#1086704, rhbz#1087104, rhbz#1087671, rhbz#1088293, rhbz#1088667 rhbz#1088787, rhbz#1088864, rhbz#1089179, rhbz#1089378, rhbz#1091132 rhbz#1091866, rhbz#1092038, rhbz#1092253, rhbz#1093127, rhbz#1095035 rhbz#1097028, rhbz#1097503, rhbz#1097677, rhbz#1097968, rhbz#1098659 rhbz#1099978, rhbz#1100086, rhbz#1100769, rhbz#1101059, rhbz#1101510 rhbz#1101987, rhbz#1101999, rhbz#1102426, rhbz#1102457, rhbz#1102611 rhbz#1104992, rhbz#1104993, rhbz#1105939, rhbz#1108593, rhbz#1110198 rhbz#1110212, rhbz#1110673, rhbz#1111044, rhbz#1112939, rhbz#1113332 rhbz#1113668, rhbz#1113751, rhbz#1113868, rhbz#1118710, rhbz#1119206 rhbz#1119387, rhbz#1119592, rhbz#1120474, rhbz#1122255, rhbz#1122973 - spec: Enable qemu driver for RHEL-7 on ppc64 (rhbz#1120474) * Fri Aug 01 2014 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.2.6-1 - Rebased to libvirt-1.2.6 (rhbz#1035158) * Mon Mar 24 2014 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.1.1-29 - nwfilter: Increase buffer size for libpcap (rhbz#1078347) - nwfilter: Display pcap's error message when pcap setup fails (rhbz#1078347) - nwfilter: Fix double free of pointer (rhbz#1071181) * Tue Mar 18 2014 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.1.1-28 - qemu: Forbid "sgio" support for SCSI generic host device (rhbz#957292) - qemu: monitor: Fix invalid parentheses (rhbz#1075973) - qemu: Introduce qemuDomainDefCheckABIStability (rhbz#1076503) * Wed Mar 12 2014 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.1.1-27 - spec: Let translations be properly updated (rhbz#1030368) - Update translation to supported languages (rhbz#1030368) - Add a mutex to serialize updates to firewall (rhbz#1074003) * Wed Mar 05 2014 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.1.1-26 - virNetDevVethCreate: Serialize callers (rhbz#1014604) - qemuBuildNicDevStr: Adapt to new advisory on multiqueue (rhbz#1071888) * Wed Feb 26 2014 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.1.1-25 - maint: fix comma style issues: conf (rhbz#1032370) - Allow <source> for type=block to have no dev (rhbz#1032370) - Allow LUN type disks to have no source (rhbz#1032370) - virsh-volume: Unify strigification of volume type (rhbz#1032370) - conf: Refactor virDomainDiskSourcePoolDefParse (rhbz#1032370) - conf: Split out code to parse the source of a disk definition (rhbz#1032370) - conf: Rename virDomainDiskHostDefFree to virDomainDiskHostDefClear (rhbz#1032370) - conf: Refactor virDomainDiskSourceDefParse (rhbz#1032370) - storage: fix RNG validation of gluster via netfs (rhbz#1032370) - maint: fix comment typos. (rhbz#1032370) - storage: use valid XML for awkward volume names (rhbz#1032370) - build: Don't fail on '< ' or '> ' with old xmllint (rhbz#1032370) - storage: allow interleave in volume XML (rhbz#1032370) - storage: expose volume meta-type in XML (rhbz#1032370) - storage: initial support for linking with libgfapi (rhbz#1032370) - storage: document existing pools (rhbz#1032370) - storage: document gluster pool (rhbz#1032370) - storage: implement rudimentary glusterfs pool refresh (rhbz#1032370) - storage: add network-dir as new storage volume type (rhbz#1032370) - storage: improve directory support in gluster pool (rhbz#1032370) - storage: improve allocation stats reported on gluster files (rhbz#1032370) - storage: improve handling of symlinks in gluster (rhbz#1032370) - storage: probe qcow2 volumes in gluster pool (rhbz#1032370) - storage: fix typo in previous patch (rhbz#1032370) - conf: Export virStorageVolType enum helper functions (rhbz#1032370) - test: Implement fake storage pool driver in qemuxml2argv test (rhbz#1032370) - storage: reduce number of stat calls (rhbz#1032370) - storage: use simpler 'char *' (rhbz#1032370) - storage: refactor backing chain division of labor (rhbz#1032370) - storage: always probe type with buffer (rhbz#1032370) - storage: don't read storage volumes in nonblock mode (rhbz#1032370) - storage: skip selinux cleanup when fd not available (rhbz#1032370) - storage: use correct type for array count (rhbz#1032370) - storage: allow interleave in pool XML (rhbz#1032370) - qemuxml2argv: Add test to verify correct usage of disk type="volume" (rhbz#1032370) - qemuxml2argv: Add test for disk type='volume' with iSCSI pools (rhbz#1032370) - tests: Fix comment for fake storage pool driver (rhbz#1032370) - conf: Support disk source formatting without needing a virDomainDiskDefPtr (rhbz#1032370) - conf: Clean up virDomainDiskSourceDefFormatInternal (rhbz#1032370) - conf: Split out seclabel formating code for disk source (rhbz#1032370) - conf: Export disk source formatter and parser (rhbz#1032370) - snapshot: conf: Use common parsing and formatting functions for source (rhbz#1032370) - snapshot: conf: Fix NULL dereference when <driver> element is empty (rhbz#1032370) - conf: Add functions to copy and free network disk source definitions (rhbz#1032370) - qemu: snapshot: Detect internal snapshots also for sheepdog and RBD (rhbz#1032370) - conf: Add helper do clear disk source authentication struct (rhbz#1032370) - qemu: snapshot: Touch up error message (rhbz#1032370) - qemu: snapshot: Add functions similar to disk source pool translation (rhbz#1032370) - qemu: Refactor qemuTranslateDiskSourcePool (rhbz#1032370) - qemu: Split out formatting of network disk source URI (rhbz#1032370) - qemu: Simplify call pattern of qemuBuildDriveURIString (rhbz#1032370) - qemu: Use qemuBuildNetworkDriveURI to handle http/ftp and friends (rhbz#1032370) - qemu: Migrate sheepdog source generation into common function (rhbz#1032370) - qemu: Split out NBD command generation (rhbz#1032370) - qemu: Unify formatting of RBD sources (rhbz#1032370) - qemu: Refactor disk source string formatting (rhbz#1032370) - qemu: Clear old translated pool source (rhbz#1032370) - qemu: snapshots: Declare supported and unsupported snapshot configs (rhbz#1032370) - domainsnapshotxml2xmltest: Clean up labels and use bool instead of int (rhbz#1032370) - domainsnapshotxml2xmltest: Allow for better testing of snapshots (rhbz#1032370) - domainsnapshotxml2xml: Move files with conflicting names (rhbz#1032370) - domainsnapshotxml2xmltest: Add existing files as new tests (rhbz#1032370) - domainsnapshotxml2xmltest: Add test case for empty driver element (rhbz#1032370) - qemu: Fix indentation in qemuTranslateDiskSourcePool (rhbz#1032370) - qemu: snapshot: Fix incorrect disk type for auto-generated disks (rhbz#1032370) - storage: fix omitted slash in gluster volume URI (rhbz#1032370) - virsh: domain: Fix undefine with storage of 'volume' disks (rhbz#1032370) - snapshot: schema: Split out snapshot disk driver definition (rhbz#1032370) - storage: Add gluster pool filter and fix virsh pool listing (rhbz#1032370) - storage: fix bogus target in gluster volume xml (rhbz#1032370) - storage: Improve error message when a storage backend is missing (rhbz#1032370) - storage: Break long lines and clean up spaces in storage backend header (rhbz#1032370) - storage: Support deletion of volumes on gluster pools (rhbz#1032370) - qemu: snapshot: Avoid libvirtd crash when qemu crashes while snapshotting (rhbz#1032370) - qemu: snapshot: Forbid snapshots when backing is a scsi passthrough disk (rhbz#1034993) - qemu: Avoid crash in qemuDiskGetActualType (rhbz#1032370) - snapshot: Add support for specifying snapshot disk backing type (rhbz#1032370) - conf: Move qemuDiskGetActualType to virDomainDiskGetActualType (rhbz#1032370) - conf: Move qemuSnapshotDiskGetActualType to virDomainSnapshotDiskGetActualType (rhbz#1032370) - storage: Add file storage APIs in the default storage driver (rhbz#1032370) - storage: add file functions for local and block files (rhbz#1032370) - storage: Add storage file backends for gluster (rhbz#1032370) - qemu: Switch snapshot deletion to the new API functions (rhbz#1032370) - qemu: snapshot: Use new APIs to detect presence of existing storage files (rhbz#1032370) - qemu: snapshot: Add support for external active snapshots on gluster (rhbz#1032370) - storage: Fix build with older compilers afeter gluster snapshot series (rhbz#1032370) - storage: gluster: Don't leak private data when storage file init fails (rhbz#1032370) - spec: Use correct versions of libgfapi in RHEL builds (rhbz#1032370) - spec: Fix braces around macros (rhbz#1032370) - build: use --with-systemd-daemon as configure option (rhbz#1032695) - spec: require device-mapper-devel for storage-disk (rhbz#1032695) - spec: make systemd_daemon usage configurable (rhbz#1032695) * Tue Feb 25 2014 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.1.1-24 - Block info query: Add check for transient domain (rhbz#1065531) - Fix minor typos in messages and docs (rhbz#1045643) - LXC: Free variable vroot in lxcDomainDetachDeviceHostdevUSBLive() (rhbz#1045643) - LXC: free dst before lxcDomainAttachDeviceDiskLive returns (rhbz#1045643) - maint: fix comment typos (rhbz#1045643) - storage: avoid short reads while chasing backing chain (rhbz#1045643) - Don't block use of USB with containers (rhbz#1045643) - Fix path used for USB device attach with LXC (rhbz#1045643) - Record hotplugged USB device in LXC live guest config (rhbz#1045643) - Fix reset of cgroup when detaching USB device from LXC guests (rhbz#1045643) - Disks are always block devices, never character devices (rhbz#1045643) - Move check for cgroup devices ACL upfront in LXC hotplug (rhbz#1045643) - Add virFileMakeParentPath helper function (rhbz#1045643) - Add helper for running code in separate namespaces (rhbz#1045643) - CVE-2013-6456: Avoid unsafe use of /proc/$PID/root in LXC shutdown/reboot code (CVE-2013-6456) - CVE-2013-6456: Avoid unsafe use of /proc/$PID/root in LXC disk hotplug (CVE-2013-6456) - CVE-2013-6456: Avoid unsafe use of /proc/$PID/root in LXC USB hotplug (CVE-2013-6456) - CVE-2013-6456: Avoid unsafe use of /proc/$PID/root in LXC block hostdev hotplug (CVE-2013-6456) - CVE-2013-6456: Avoid unsafe use of /proc/$PID/root in LXC chardev hostdev hotplug (CVE-2013-6456) - CVE-2013-6456: Avoid unsafe use of /proc/$PID/root in LXC hotunplug code (CVE-2013-6456) - Ignore additional fields in iscsiadm output (rhbz#1067173) - qemuBuildNicDevStr: Set vectors= on Multiqueue (rhbz#1066209) - Don't depend on syslog.service (rhbz#1032695) - libvirt-guests: Run only after libvirtd (rhbz#1032695) - virSystemdCreateMachine: Set dependencies for slices (rhbz#1032695) - libvirt-guests: Wait for libvirtd to initialize (rhbz#1032695) - virNetServerRun: Notify systemd that we're accepting clients (rhbz#1032695) * Wed Feb 12 2014 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.1.1-23 - Generate a valid imagelabel even for type 'none' (rhbz#1061657) - qemu: keep pre-migration domain state after failed migration (rhbz#1057407) - schema: Fix guest timer specification schema according to the docs (rhbz#1056205) - conf: Enforce supported options for certain timers (rhbz#1056205) - qemu: hyperv: Add support for timer enlightenments (rhbz#1056205) - build: correctly check for SOICGIFVLAN GET_VLAN_VID_CMD command (rhbz#1062665) - util: Add "shareable" field for virSCSIDevice struct (rhbz#957292) - util: Fix the indention (rhbz#957292) - qemu: Don't fail if the SCSI host device is shareable between domains (rhbz#957292) - util: Add one argument for several scsi utils (rhbz#957292) - tests: Add tests for scsi utils (rhbz#957292) - qemu: Fix the error message for scsi host device's shareable checking (rhbz#957292) - util: Accept test data path for scsi device's sg_path (rhbz#957292) - tests: Modify the scsi util tests (rhbz#957292) - event: move event filtering to daemon (regression fix) (rhbz#1047964) * Wed Feb 05 2014 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.1.1-22 - Add a read/write lock implementation (rhbz#1034807) - Push nwfilter update locking up to top level (rhbz#1034807) - utils: Introduce functions for kernel module manipulation (rhbz#1045124) - virCommand: Introduce virCommandSetDryRun (rhbz#1045124) - tests: Add test for new virkmod functions (rhbz#1045124) - Honor blacklist for modprobe command (rhbz#1045124) - qemu: Be sure we're using the updated value of backend during hotplug (rhbz#1056360) - network: Permit upstream forwarding of unqualified DNS names (rhbz#1061099) - network: Only prevent forwarding of DNS requests for unqualified names (rhbz#1061099) - network: Change default of forwardPlainNames to 'yes' (rhbz#1061099) * Wed Jan 29 2014 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.1.1-21 - util: Correct the NUMA node range checking (rhbz#1045958) - storage: Add document for possible problem on volume detection (rhbz#726797) - storage: Fix autostart of pool with "fc_host" type adapter (rhbz#726797) * Fri Jan 24 2014 Daniel Mach <> - 1.1.1-20 - Mass rebuild 2014-01-24 * Wed Jan 22 2014 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.1.1-19 - CVE-2013-6436: Fix crash in lxcDomainGetMemoryParameters (rhbz#1049137) - Fix crash in lxcDomainSetMemoryParameters (rhbz#1052062) - Don't crash if a connection closes early (CVE-2014-1447) - Really don't crash if a connection closes early (CVE-2014-1447) - qemu: Change the default unix monitor timeout (rhbz#892273) - virSecuritySELinuxSetFileconHelper: Don't fail on read-only NFS (rhbz#996543) - qemu: Avoid operations on NULL monitor if VM fails early (rhbz#1054785) - virt-login-shell: Fix regressions in behavior (rhbz#1015247) - pci: Make reattach work for unbound devices (rhbz#1046919) - pci: Fix failure paths in detach (rhbz#1046919) - qemu: Don't detach devices if passthrough doesn't work (rhbz#1046919) - Fix migration with QEMU 1.6 (rhbz#1053405) - build: More workarounds for if_bridge.h (rhbz#1042937) - build: Fix build with latest rawhide kernel headers (rhbz#1042937) - aarch64: Disable -fstack-protector. (rhbz#1042937) - AArch64: Parse cputopology from /proc/cpuinfo. (rhbz#1042937) - virDomainEventCallbackListFree: Don't leak @list->callbacks (rhbz#1047964) - Fix memory leak in virObjectEventCallbackListRemoveID() (rhbz#1047964) - event: Filter global events by domain:getattr ACL (CVE-2014-0028) - Doc: Improve the document for nodesuspend (rhbz#1045089) - Doc: Add "note" for node-memory-tune (rhbz#1045089) * Wed Jan 08 2014 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.1.1-18 - qemu: Ask for -enable-fips when FIPS is required (rhbz#1035474) - qemu: Properly set MaxMemLock when hotplugging with VFIO (rhbz#1035490) - qemu: Avoid duplicate security label restore on hostdev attach failure (rhbz#1035490) - qemu: Re-add hostdev interfaces to hostdev array on libvirtd restart (rhbz#1045002) - domain: Don't try to interpret <driver> as virtio config for hostdev interfaces (rhbz#1046337) - virBitmapParse: Fix behavior in case of error and fix up callers (rhbz#1047234) - qemu: Fix live pinning to memory node on NUMA system (rhbz#1047234) - qemu: Clean up qemuDomainSetNumaParameters (rhbz#1047234) - qemu: Range check numa memory placement mode (rhbz#1047234) - virkeycode: Allow ANSI_A (rhbz#1044806) - Fix argument order of qemuMigrationPerformJob(). (rhbz#1049338) - qemu: Do not access stale data in virDomainBlockStats (CVE-2013-6458) - qemu: Avoid using stale data in virDomainGetBlockInfo (CVE-2013-6458) - qemu: Fix job usage in qemuDomainBlockJobImpl (CVE-2013-6458) - qemu: Fix job usage in qemuDomainBlockCopy (rhbz#1048643) - qemu: Fix job usage in virDomainGetBlockIoTune (CVE-2013-6458) - PanicCheckABIStability: Need to check for existence (rhbz#996520) - virsh: Improve usability of '--print-xml' flag for attach-disk command (rhbz#1049529) - virsh: Don't use legacy API if --current is used on device hot(un)plug (rhbz#1049529) - virsh: Use inactive definition when removing disk from config (rhbz#1049529) * Fri Dec 27 2013 Daniel Mach <> - 1.1.1-17 - Mass rebuild 2013-12-27 * Wed Dec 18 2013 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.1.1-16 - qemu: Check for reboot-timeout on monitor (rhbz#1042690) - virsh: Fix return value error of cpu-stats (rhbz#1043388) - tools: Fix virsh connect man page (rhbz#1043260) - conf: Introduce generic ISA address (rhbz#996520) - conf: Add support for panic device (rhbz#996520) - qemu: Add support for -device pvpanic (rhbz#996520) - Fix invalid read in virNetSASLSessionClientStep debug log (rhbz#1043864) - virsh: man: Mention that volumes need to be in storage pool for undefine (rhbz#1044445) * Fri Dec 13 2013 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.1.1-15 - spec: Don't save/restore running VMs on libvirt-client update (rhbz#1033626) - qemu: hotplug: Only label hostdev after checking device conflicts (rhbz#1025108) - qemu: hotplug: Fix double free on USB collision (rhbz#1025108) - qemu: hotplug: Fix adding USB devices to the driver list (rhbz#1025108) - docs: Enhance memoryBacking/locked documentation (rhbz#1035954) - util: Fix two virCompareLimitUlong bugs (rhbz#1024272) - cgroups: Redefine what "unlimited" means wrt memory limits (rhbz#1024272) - qemu: Report VIR_DOMAIN_MEMORY_PARAM_UNLIMITED properly (rhbz#1024272) - qemu: Fix minor inconsistency in error message (rhbz#1024272) - conf: Don't format memtune with unlimited values (rhbz#1024272) - qemu_process: Read errors from child (rhbz#1035955) - network: Properly update iptables rules during net-update (rhbz#1035336) - Tie SASL callbacks lifecycle to virNetSessionSASLContext (rhbz#1039991) - screenshot: Implement multiple screen support (rhbz#1026966) - Switch to private redhat namespace for QMP I/O error reason (rhbz#1026966) - Support virtio disk hotplug in JSON mode (rhbz#1026966) * Fri Dec 06 2013 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.1.1-14 - nodedev: Resolve Relax-NG validity error (rhbz#1035792) - test-lib: Make case skipping possible (rhbz#1034380) - tests: Don't test user config file if ran as root (rhbz#1034380) - Improve cgroups docs to cover systemd integration (rhbz#1004340) - Fix busy wait loop in LXC container I/O handling (rhbz#1032705) - tests: Guarantee abs_srcdir in all C tests (rhbz#1035403) - Introduce standard methods for sorting strings with qsort (rhbz#1035403) - Add virFileIsMountPoint function (rhbz#1035403) - Pull lxcContainerGetSubtree out into shared virfile module (rhbz#1035403) - Fix bug in identifying sub-mounts (rhbz#1035403) - LXC: Ensure security context is set when mounting images (rhbz#923903) - Ensure to zero out the virDomainBlockJobInfo arg (rhbz#1028846) - qemu: Default to vfio for nodedev-detach (rhbz#1035188) - daemon: Run virStateCleanup conditionally (rhbz#1033061) - qemu: Add "-boot strict" to commandline whenever possible (rhbz#1037593) - tests: Add forgotten boot-strict test files (rhbz#1037593) - conf: Fix XML formatting of RNG device info (rhbz#1035118) - qemu: Improve error when setting invalid count of vcpus via agent (rhbz#1035108) - Add qxl ram size to ABI stability check (rhbz#1035123) * Fri Nov 22 2013 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.1.1-13 - virsh-domain: Mark --live and --config mutually exclusive in vcpucount (rhbz#1024245) - virSecurityLabelDefParseXML: Don't parse label on model='none' (rhbz#1028962) - qemuMonitorIO: Don't use @mon after it's unrefed (rhbz#1018267) - qemu: Allow hotplug of multiple SCSI devices (rhbz#1031062) - qemu: Call qemuSetupHostdevCGroup later during hotplug (rhbz#1025108) - virscsi: Hostdev SCSI AdapterId retrieval fix (rhbz#1031079) - storage: Returns earlier if source adapter of the scsi pool is a HBA (rhbz#1027680) - spec: Restrict virt-login-shell usage (rhbz#1033614) - spec: Don't save/restore running VMs on libvirt-client update (rhbz#1033626) - Don't start a nested job in qemuMigrationPrepareAny (rhbz#1018267) * Fri Nov 08 2013 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.1.1-12 - virpci: Don't error on unbinded devices (rhbz#1019387) - network: Fix connections count in case of allocate failure (rhbz#1020135) - qemu: Clean up migration ports when migration cancelled (rhbz#1019237) - qemuMigrationBeginPhase: Check for 'drive-mirror' for NBD (rhbz#1022393) - Allow root directory in filesystem source dir schema (rhbz#1028107) - Use a port from the migration range for NBD as well (rhbz#1025699) - qemu: Avoid double free of VM (rhbz#1018267) - util: Use size_t instead of unsigned int for num_virtual_functions (rhbz#1025397) - pci: Properly handle out-of-order SRIOV virtual functions (rhbz#1025397) - conf: Do better job when comparing features ABI compatibility (rhbz#1008989) - schema: Rename option 'hypervtristate' to 'featurestate' (rhbz#1008989) - conf: Mark user provided strings in error messages when parsing XML (rhbz#1008989) - cpu: Add support for loading and storing CPU data (rhbz#1008989) - cpu: x86: Rename struct cpuX86cpuid as virCPUx86CPUID (rhbz#1008989) - cpu: x86: Rename struct cpuX86Data as virCPUx86Data (rhbz#1008989) - cpu: x86: Rename x86DataFree() as virCPUx86DataFree() (rhbz#1008989) - Ensure 'arch' is always set in cpuArchNodeData (rhbz#1008989) - cpu: x86: Rename x86MakeCPUData as virCPUx86MakeData (rhbz#1008989) - cpu: x86: Rename x86DataAddCpuid as virCPUx86DataAddCPUID (rhbz#1008989) - cpu: x86: Rename data_iterator and DATA_ITERATOR_INIT (rhbz#1008989) - cpu: x86: Fix return types of x86cpuidMatch and x86cpuidMatchMasked (rhbz#1008989) - cpu: x86: Use whitespace to clarify context and use consistent labels (rhbz#1008989) - cpu: x86: Clean up error messages in x86VendorLoad() (rhbz#1008989) - cpu: Export few x86-specific APIs (rhbz#1008989) - cpu: x86: Parse the CPU feature map only once (rhbz#1008989) - cpu_x86: Refactor storage of CPUID data to add support for KVM features (rhbz#1008989) - qemu: Add monitor APIs to fetch CPUID data from QEMU (rhbz#1008989) - cpu: x86: Add internal CPUID features support and KVM feature bits (rhbz#1008989) - conf: Refactor storing and usage of feature flags (rhbz#1008989) - qemu: Add support for paravirtual spinlocks in the guest (rhbz#1008989) - qemu: process: Validate specific CPUID flags of a guest (rhbz#1008989) * Fri Nov 01 2013 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.1.1-11 - Add helpers for getting env vars in a setuid environment (rhbz#1015247) - Only allow 'stderr' log output when running setuid (CVE-2013-4400) - Close all non-stdio FDs in virt-login-shell (CVE-2013-4400) - Don't link virt-login-shell against (CVE-2013-4400) - build: Fix linking virt-login-shell (rhbz#1015247) - build: Fix build of virt-login-shell on systems with older gnutls (rhbz#1015247) - Set a sane $PATH for virt-login-shell (rhbz#1015247) - spec: Fix rpm build when lxc disabled (rhbz#1015247) - Move virt-login-shell into libvirt-login-shell sub-RPM (rhbz#1015247) - Make virCommand env handling robust in setuid env (rhbz#1015247) - Remove all direct use of getenv (rhbz#1015247) - Block all use of getenv with syntax-check (rhbz#1015247) - Only allow the UNIX transport in remote driver when setuid (rhbz#1015247) - Don't allow remote driver daemon autostart when running setuid (rhbz#1015247) - Add stub getegid impl for platforms lacking it (rhbz#1015247) - Remove (nearly) all use of getuid()/getgid() (rhbz#1015247) - Block all use of in setuid programs (rhbz#1015247) - spec: Clean up distribution of ChangeLog (and others) (rhbz#1024393) - Push RPM deps down into libvirt-daemon-driver-XXXX sub-RPMs (rhbz#1024393) * Wed Oct 23 2013 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.1.1-10 - qemu_process: Make qemuProcessReadLog() more versatile and reusable (rhbz#1001738) - qemu: monitor: Add infrastructure to access VM logs for better err msgs (rhbz#1001738) - qemu: monitor: Produce better errors on monitor hangup (rhbz#1001738) - qemu: Wire up better early error reporting (rhbz#1001738) - qemu: process: Silence coverity warning when rewinding log file (rhbz#1001738) - qemu: hostdev: Refactor PCI passhrough handling (rhbz#1001738) - qemu: hostdev: Fix function spacing and header formatting (rhbz#1001738) - qemu: hostdev: Add checks if PCI passthrough is available in the host (rhbz#1001738) - qemu: Prefer VFIO for PCI device passthrough (rhbz#1001738) - qemu: Init @pcidevs in qemuPrepareHostdevPCIDevices (rhbz#1001738) - Fix max stream packet size for old clients (rhbz#950416) - Adjust legacy max payload size to account for header information (rhbz#950416) - rpc: Correct the wrong payload size checking (rhbz#950416) - qemu: Simplify calling qemuDomainHostdevNetConfigRestore (rhbz#1005682) - qemu: Move qemuDomainRemoveNetDevice to avoid forward reference (rhbz#1005682) - qemu: Fix removal of <interface type='hostdev'> (rhbz#1005682) - remote: Fix regression in event deregistration (rhbz#1020376) - qemu: managedsave: Add support for compressing managed save images (rhbz#1017227) - qemu: snapshot: Add support for compressing external snapshot memory (rhbz#1017227) - Migration: Introduce VIR_MIGRATE_PARAM_LISTEN_ADDRESS (rhbz#1015215) - virsocket: Introduce virSocketAddrIsWildcard (rhbz#1015215) - qemu: Implement support for VIR_MIGRATE_PARAM_LISTEN_ADDRESS (rhbz#1015215) - qemu_conf: Introduce "migration_address" (rhbz#1015215) - qemu: Include listenAddress in debug prints (rhbz#1015215) - docs: Expand description of host-model CPU mode (rhbz#1014682) - qemu: Avoid assigning unavailable migration ports (rhbz#1019237) - qemu: Make migration port range configurable (rhbz#1019237) - qemu: Fix augeas support for migration ports (rhbz#1019237) - Fix perms for virConnectDomainXML{To, From}Native (CVE-2013-4401) * Tue Oct 15 2013 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.1.1-9 - virNetDevBandwidthEqual: Make it more robust (rhbz#1014503) - qemu_hotplug: Allow QoS update in qemuDomainChangeNet (rhbz#1014503) - qemu: Check actual netdev type rather than config netdev type during init (rhbz#1012824) - Fix crash in libvirtd when events are registered & ACLs active (CVE-2013-4399) (rhbz#1011429) - Remove virConnectPtr arg from virNWFilterDefParse* (rhbz#1015108) - Don't pass virConnectPtr in nwfilter 'struct domUpdateCBStruct' (rhbz#1015108) - Remove use of virConnectPtr from all remaining nwfilter code (rhbz#1015108) - Don't set netdev offline in container cleanup (rhbz#1014604) - Avoid reporting an error if veth device is already deleted (rhbz#1014604) - Avoid deleting NULL veth device name (rhbz#1014604) - Retry veth device creation on failure (rhbz#1014604) - Use 'vnet' as prefix for veth devices (rhbz#1014604) - Free cmd in virNetDevVethDelete (rhbz#1014604) - Free cmd in virNetDevVethCreate (rhbz#1014604) - LXC: Fix handling of RAM filesystem size units (rhbz#1015689) - build: Add lxc testcase to dist list (rhbz#1015689) - tests: Work with older dbus (rhbz#1018730) - virdbus: Add virDBusHasSystemBus() (rhbz#1018730) - virsystemd: Don't fail to start VM if DBus isn't available or compiled in (rhbz#1018730) - DBus: Introduce virDBusIsServiceEnabled (rhbz#1018730) - Change way we fake dbus method calls (rhbz#1018730) - Fix virsystemdtest for previous commit (rhbz#1018730) - LXC: Workaround machined uncleaned data with containers running systemd. (rhbz#1018730) - Allow use of a private dbus bus connection (rhbz#998365) - Add a method for closing the dbus system bus connection (rhbz#998365) - Make LXC controller use a private dbus connection & close it (rhbz#998365) - Fix flaw in detecting log format (rhbz#927072) - Fix exit status of lxc controller (rhbz#927072) - Improve error reporting with LXC controller (rhbz#927072) - nwfilter: Don't fail to start if DBus isn't available (rhbz#927072) - Don't ignore all dbus connection errors (rhbz#927072) - LXC: Check the existence of dir before resolving symlinks (rhbz#927072) - Ensure lxcContainerMain reports errors on stderr (rhbz#927072) - Ensure lxcContainerResolveSymlinks reports errors (rhbz#927072) - Improve log filtering in virLXCProcessReadLogOutputData (rhbz#927072) - Initialize threading & error layer in LXC controller (rhbz#1018725) - qemu_migration: Avoid crashing if domain dies too quickly (rhbz#1018267) - Convert uuid to a string before printing it (rhbz#1019023) * Wed Oct 02 2013 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.1.1-8 - conf: Don't crash on invalid chardev source definition of RNGs and other (rhbz#1012196) - rpc: Increase bound limit for virDomainGetJobStats (rhbz#1012818) - qemu: Free all driver data in qemuStateCleanup (rhbz#1011330) - qemu: Don't leak reference to virQEMUDriverConfigPtr (rhbz#1011330) - qemu: Eliminate redundant if clauses in qemuCollectPCIAddress (rhbz#1003983) - qemu: Allow some PCI devices to be attached to PCIe slots (rhbz#1003983) - qemu: Replace multiple strcmps with a switch on an enum (rhbz#1003983) - qemu: Support ich9-intel-hda audio device (rhbz#1003983) - qemu: Turn if into switch in qemuDomainValidateDevicePCISlotsQ35 (rhbz#1003983) - qemu: Prefer to put a Q35 machine's dmi-to-pci-bridge at 00:1E.0 (rhbz#1003983) * Wed Sep 25 2013 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.1.1-7 - Fix crash in remoteDispatchDomainMemoryStats (CVE-2013-4296) - LXC: Don't mount securityfs when user namespace enabled (rhbz#872648) - Move array of mounts out of lxcContainerMountBasicFS (rhbz#872648) - Ensure root filesystem is recursively mounted readonly (rhbz#872648) - qemu: Fix seamless SPICE migration (rhbz#1010861) - qemu: Use "ide" as device name for implicit SATA controller on Q35 (rhbz#1008903) - qemu: Only parse basename when determining emulator properties (rhbz#1010617) - qemu: Recognize -machine accel=kvm when parsing native (rhbz#1010617) - qemu: Don't leave shutdown inhibited on attach failure (rhbz#1010617) - qemu: Don't leak vm on failure (rhbz#1010617) - Fix typo in identity code which is pre-requisite for CVE-2013-4311 (rhbz#1006272) * Thu Sep 19 2013 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.1.1-6 - Also store user & group ID values in virIdentity (rhbz#1006272) - Ensure system identity includes process start time (rhbz#1006272) - Add support for using 3-arg pkcheck syntax for process (CVE-2013-4311) - Free slicename in virSystemdCreateMachine (rhbz#1008619) - qemu: Fix checking of ABI stability when restoring external checkpoints (rhbz#1008340) - qemu: Use "migratable" XML definition when doing external checkpoints (rhbz#1008340) - qemu: Fix memleak after commit 59898a88ce8431bd3ea249b8789edc2ef9985827 (rhbz#1008340) - qemu: Avoid dangling job in qemuDomainSetBlockIoTune (rhbz#700443) * Sat Sep 14 2013 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.1.1-5 - Pass AM_LDFLAGS to driver modules too (rhbz#1006299) - virsh domjobinfo: Do not return 1 if job is NONE (rhbz#1006864) - Fix polkit permission names for storage pools, vols & node devices (rhbz#700443) - Fix naming of permission for detecting storage pools (rhbz#700443) - security: Provide supplemental groups even when parsing label (CVE-2013-4291) (rhbz#1006513) - virFileNBDDeviceAssociate: Avoid use of uninitialized variable (CVE-2013-4297) - Rename "struct interface_driver" to virNetcfDriverState (rhbz#983026) - netcf driver: Use a single netcf handle for all connections (rhbz#983026) - virDomainDefParseXML: Set the argument of virBitmapFree to NULL after calling virBitmapFree (rhbz#1006722) - Add test for the nodemask double free crash (rhbz#1006722) - qemu: Fix checking of guest ABI compatibility when reverting snapshots (rhbz#1006886) * Fri Sep 06 2013 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.1.1-4 - Don't crash in qemuBuildDeviceAddressStr (rhbz#1003526) - Fix leaks in python bindings (rhbz#1003828) - Process virtlockd.conf instead of libvirtd.conf (rhbz#1003685) - Use the correct file (rhbz#1003685) - qemu: Make domain renaming work during migration (rhbz#999352) - qemu: Handle huge number of queues correctly (rhbz#651941) - conf: Remove the actual hostdev when removing a network (rhbz#1003537) - conf: Don't deref NULL actual network in virDomainNetGetActualHostdev() (rhbz#1003537) - python: Fix a PyList usage mistake (rhbz#1002558) - Add '<nat>' element to '<forward>' network schemas (rhbz#1004364) - Always specify qcow2 compat level on qemu-img command line (rhbz#997977) - selinux: Distinguish failure to label from request to avoid label (rhbz#924153) - selinux: Enhance test to cover nfs label failure (rhbz#924153) * Fri Aug 30 2013 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.1.1-3 - RPC: Don't accept client if it would overcommit max_clients (rhbz#981729) - Introduce max_queued_clients (rhbz#981729) - conf: Add default USB controller in qemu post-parse callback (rhbz#819968) - qemu: Rename some functions in qemu_command.c (rhbz#819968) - qemu: Eliminate almost-duplicate code in qemu_command.c (rhbz#819968) - qemu: Enable auto-allocate of all PCI addresses (rhbz#819968) - qemu: Add pcie-root controller (rhbz#819968) - qemu: Add dmi-to-pci-bridge controller (rhbz#819968) - qemu: Fix handling of default/implicit devices for q35 (rhbz#819968) - qemu: Properly set/use device alias for pci controllers (rhbz#819968) - qemu: Enable using implicit sata controller in q35 machines (rhbz#819968) - qemu: Improve error reporting during PCI address validation (rhbz#819968) - qemu: Refactor qemuDomainCheckDiskPresence for only disk presence check (rhbz#910171) - qemu: Add helper functions for diskchain checking (rhbz#910171) - qemu: Check presence of each disk and its backing file as well (rhbz#910171) - conf: Add startupPolicy attribute for harddisk (rhbz#910171) - qemu: Support to drop disk with 'optional' startupPolicy (rhbz#910171) - Split TLS test into two separate tests (rhbz#994158) - Avoid re-generating certs every time (rhbz#994158) - Change data passed into TLS test cases (rhbz#994158) - Fix validation of CA certificate chains (rhbz#994158) - Fix parallel runs of TLS test suites (rhbz#994158) - tests: Fix parallel runs of TLS test suites (rhbz#994158) - Add a man page for virtlockd daemon (rhbz#991494) - Add an example config file for virtlockd (rhbz#991494) - Properly handle -h / -V for --help/--version aliases in virtlockd/libvirtd (rhbz#991494) - Make check for /dev/loop device names stricter to avoid /dev/loop-control (rhbz#924815) - Ensure securityfs is mounted readonly in container (rhbz#872642) - Add info about access control checks into API reference (rhbz#700443) - Record the where the auto-generated data comes from (rhbz#700443) - Add documentation for access control system (rhbz#700443) - virsh-domain: Flip logic in cmdSetvcpus (rhbz#996552) - Honour root prefix in lxcContainerMountFSBlockAuto (rhbz#924815) - util: Add virGetUserDirectoryByUID (rhbz#988491) - Introduce a virt-login-shell binary (rhbz#988491) - build: Fix compilation of virt-login-shell.c (rhbz#988491) - Fix double-free and broken logic in virt-login-shell (rhbz#988491) - Address missed feedback from review of virt-login-shell (rhbz#988491) - Ensure that /dev exists in the container root filesystem (rhbz#924815) - remote: Fix a segfault in remoteDomainCreateWithFlags (rhbz#994855) - build: Avoid -lgcrypt with newer gnutls (rhbz#951637) - virnettlscontext: Resolve Coverity warnings (UNINIT) (rhbz#994158) - build: Fix missing max_queued_clients in augeas test file for libvirtd.conf (rhbz#981729) - virsh-domain: Fix memleak in cmdCPUBaseline (rhbz#997798) - Fix typo in domain name in polkit acl example (rhbz#700443) - Update polkit examples to use 'lookup' method (rhbz#700443) - Add bounds checking on virDomainMigrate*Params RPC calls (CVE-2013-4292) (rhbz#1002667) - Add bounds checking on virDomainGetJobStats RPC call (rhbz#1002667) - Add bounds checking on virDomain{SnapshotListAllChildren, ListAllSnapshots} RPC calls (rhbz#1002667) - Add bounds checking on virConnectListAllDomains RPC call (rhbz#1002667) - Add bounds checking on virConnectListAllStoragePools RPC call (rhbz#1002667) - Add bounds checking on virStoragePoolListAllVolumes RPC call (rhbz#1002667) - Add bounds checking on virConnectListAllNetworks RPC call (rhbz#1002667) - Add bounds checking on virConnectListAllInterfaces RPC call (rhbz#1002667) - Add bounds checking on virConnectListAllNodeDevices RPC call (rhbz#1002667) - Add bounds checking on virConnectListAllNWFilters RPC call (rhbz#1002667) - Add bounds checking on virConnectListAllSecrets RPC call (rhbz#1002667) - Prohibit unbounded arrays in XDR protocols (rhbz#1002667) - virbitmap: Refactor virBitmapParse to avoid access beyond bounds of array (rhbz#997906) - virbitmaptest: Fix function header formatting (rhbz#997906) - virbitmaptest: Add test for out of bounds condition (rhbz#997906) - virsh-domain: Fix memleak in cmdUndefine with storage (rhbz#999057) - virsh: Modify vshStringToArray to duplicate the elements too (rhbz#999057) - virsh: Don't leak list of volumes when undefining domain with storage (rhbz#999057) - Fix URI connect precedence (rhbz#999323) - tests: Add URI precedence checking (rhbz#999323) - Don't free NULL network in cmdNetworkUpdate (rhbz#1001094) - virsh: Fix debugging (rhbz#1001628) - qemu: Remove hostdev entry when freeing the depending network entry (rhbz#1002669) - Set security label on FD for virDomainOpenGraphics (rhbz#999925) - virsh: Free the caps list properly if one of them is invalid (rhbz#1001957) - virsh: Free the formatting string when listing pool details (rhbz#1001957) - virsh-pool.c: Don't jump over variable declaration (rhbz#1001957) - virsh: Free the list from ListAll APIs even for 0 items (rhbz#1001957) - virsh: Free messages after logging them to a file (rhbz#1001957) - Reverse logic allowing partial DHCP host XML (rhbz#1001078) - virsh: Print cephx and iscsi usage (rhbz#1000155) - qemu_conf: Fix broken logic for adding passthrough iscsi lun (rhbz#1000159) - Report secret usage error message similarly (rhbz#1000168) - docs: Update the formatdomain disk examples (rhbz#1000169) - docs: Update formatsecrets to include more examples of each type (rhbz#1000169) - docs: Update iSCSI storage pool example (rhbz#1000169) - docs: Reformat <disk> attribute description in formatdomain (rhbz#1000169) - qemuBuildNicDevStr: Add mq=on for multiqueue networking (rhbz#651941) - migration: Do not restore labels on failed migration (rhbz#822052) - qemu: Drop qemuDomainMemoryLimit (rhbz#1001143) - docs: Discourage users to set hard_limit (rhbz#1001143) - docs: Clean 09adfdc62de2b up (rhbz#1001143) - qemuSetupMemoryCgroup: Handle hard_limit properly (rhbz#1001143) - qemuBuildCommandLine: Fall back to mem balloon if there's no hard_limit (rhbz#1001143) - qemuDomainAttachHostPciDevice: Fall back to mem balloon if there's no hard_limit (rhbz#1001143) * Fri Aug 02 2013 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.1.1-2 - spec: Change --enable-werror handling to match upstream - Delete obsolete / unused python test files (rhbz#884103) - Remove reference to python/tests from RPM %doc (rhbz#884103) - spec: Explicitly claim ownership of channel subdir (rhbz#884103) - Add APIs for formatting systemd slice/scope names (rhbz#980929) - Add support for systemd cgroup mount (rhbz#980929) - Cope with races while killing processes (rhbz#980929) - Enable support for systemd-machined in cgroups creation (rhbz#980929) - Ensure LXC/QEMU APIs set the filename for errors (rhbz#991348) - Avoid crash if NULL is passed for filename/funcname in logging (rhbz#991348) * Tue Jul 30 2013 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.1.1-1 - Rebased to libvirt-1.1.1 * Fri Jul 12 2013 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.1.0-2 - qemu: Fix double free in qemuMigrationPrepareDirect (rhbz#977961) - Fix crash when multiple event callbacks were registered (CVE-2013-2230) - Paused domain should remain paused after migration (rhbz#981139) * Mon Jul 01 2013 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.1.0-1 - Rebased to libvirt-1.1.0 * Mon Jun 03 2013 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.0.6-1 - Rebased to libvirt-1.0.6 * Mon May 13 2013 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.0.5-2 - virInitctlRequest: Don't hardcode 384 bytes size - network: Fix network driver startup for qemu:///session - virInitctlRequest: Unbreak make syntax check - virInitctlRequest: Unbreak make syntax check - build: Always include sanitytest in tarball - qemu: Fix stupid typos in VFIO cgroup setup/teardown - build: Always include libvirt_lxc.syms in tarball - build: Clean up stray files found by 'make distcheck' - spec: Proper soft static allocation of qemu uid - Fix F_DUPFD_CLOEXEC operation args - build: Fix mingw build of virprocess.c - Fix potential use of undefined variable in remote dispatch code - build: Avoid non-portable cast of pthread_t - Fix release of resources with lockd plugin - Fixup rpcgen code on kFreeBSD too - Make detect_scsi_host_caps a function on all architectures - qemu: Allocate network connections sooner during domain startup - tests: Files named '.*-invalid.xml' should fail validation - conf: Don't crash on a tpm device with no backends - Don't mention disk controllers in generic controller errors - iscsi: Don't leak portal string when starting a pool - util: Fix virFileOpenAs return value and resulting error logs * Thu May 02 2013 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.0.5-1 - Rebased to libvirt-1.0.5 * Fri Apr 19 2013 Daniel Mach <> - 1.0.4-1.1 - Rebuild for cyrus-sasl * Mon Apr 08 2013 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.0.4-1 - Rebased to libvirt-1.0.4 * Mon Apr 08 2013 Richard W.M. Jones <> - 1.0.3-2 - Rebuild against gnutls 3. * Tue Mar 05 2013 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.0.3-1 - Rebased to libvirt-1.0.3 * Thu Jan 31 2013 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.0.2-1 - Rebased to libvirt-1.0.2 * Tue Dec 18 2012 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.0.1-1 - Rebased to libvirt-1.0.1 * Wed Nov 14 2012 Jiri Denemark <> - 1.0.0-1 - Rebased to libvirt-1.0.0 * Tue Oct 30 2012 Cole Robinson <> - - Disable libxl on F18 too * Sat Oct 27 2012 Cole Robinson <> - - Rebased to version - Fix lvm volume creation when alloc=0 (bz #866481) - Clarify virsh send-keys man page example (bz #860004) - Fix occasional deadlock via virDomainDestroy (bz #859009) - Fix LXC deadlock from ctrl-c (bz #848119) - Fix occasional selinux denials with macvtap (bz #798605) - Fix multilib conflict with systemtap files (bz #831425) - Don't trigger keytab warning in system logs (bz #745203) - Fix qemu domxml-2-native NIC model out (bz #636832) - Fix error message if not enough space for lvm vol (bz #609104) * Thu Oct 25 2012 Cole Robinson <> - 0.10.2-4 - Disable libxl driver, since it doesn't build with xen 4.2 in rawhide * Mon Sep 24 2012 Richard W.M. Jones <> - 0.10.2-3 - Re-add Use-qemu-system-i386-as-binary-instead-of-qemu.patch NB: This patch is Fedora-specific and not upstream. - Add upstream patches: don't duplicate environment variables (RHBZ#859596). * Mon Sep 24 2012 Daniel Veillard <> - 0.10.2-1 - Upstream release 0.10.2 - network: define new API virNetworkUpdate - add support for QEmu sandbox support - blockjob: add virDomainBlockCommit - New APIs to get/set Node memory parameters - new API virConnectListAllSecrets - new API virConnectListAllNWFilters - new API virConnectListAllNodeDevices - parallels: add support of containers to the driver - new API virConnectListAllInterfaces - new API virConnectListAllNetworks - new API virStoragePoolListAllVolumes - Add PMSUSPENDED life cycle event - new API virStorageListAllStoragePools - Add per-guest S3/S4 state configuration - qemu: Support for Block Device IO Limits - a lot of bug fixes, improvements and portability work * Fri Sep 21 2012 Richard W.M. Jones <> - 0.10.1-5 - Add (upstream) patches to label sockets for SELinux (RHBZ#853393). * Thu Sep 13 2012 Richard W.M. Jones <> - 0.10.1-4 - Fix for 32 bit qemu renamed to qemu-system-i386 (RHBZ#857026). * Wed Sep 12 2012 Cole Robinson <> - 0.10.1-3 - Fix libvirtd segfault with old netcf-libs (bz 853381) - Drop unneeded dnsmasq --filterwin2k - Fix unwanted connection closing, needed for boxes * Wed Sep 05 2012 Daniel P. Berrange <> - 0.10.1-2 - Remove dep on ceph RPM (rhbz #854360) * Fri Aug 31 2012 Daniel Veillard <> - 0.10.1-1 - upstream release of 0.10.1 - many fixes from 0.10.0 * Wed Aug 29 2012 Daniel Veillard <> - 0.10.0-1 - upstream release of 0.10.0 - agent: add qemuAgentArbitraryCommand() for general qemu agent command - Introduce virDomainPinEmulator and virDomainGetEmulatorPinInfo functions - network: use firewalld instead of iptables, when available - network: make network driver vlan-aware - esx: Implement network driver - driver for parallels hypervisor - Various LXC improvements - Add virDomainGetHostname - a lot of bug fixes, improvements and portability work * Thu Aug 23 2012 Daniel Veillard <> - 0.10.0-0rc1 - release candidate 1 of 0.10.0 * Tue Aug 14 2012 Daniel P. Berrange <> - 0.10.0-0rc0.2 - Enable autotools to make previous patch work * Tue Aug 14 2012 Daniel Veillard <> - 0.10.0-0rc0.1 - fix security driver missing from the daemon * Wed Aug 08 2012 Daniel Veillard <> - 0.10.0-0rc0 - snapshot before 0.10.0 in a few weeks - adds the parallel driver support * Mon Jul 23 2012 Richard W.M. Jones <> - 0.9.13-3 - Add upstream patch to fix RHBZ#842114. * Thu Jul 19 2012 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.9.13-2 - Rebuilt for * Mon Jul 02 2012 Daniel Veillard <> - 0.9.13-1 - S390: support for s390(x) - snapshot: implement new APIs for esx and vbox - snapshot: new query APIs and many improvements - virsh: Allow users to reedit rejected XML - nwfilter: add DHCP snooping - Enable driver modules in libvirt RPM - Default to enable driver modules for libvirtd - storage backend: Add RBD (RADOS Block Device) support - sVirt support for LXC domains inprovement - a lot of bug fixes, improvements and portability work * Mon May 14 2012 Daniel Veillard <> - 0.9.12-1 - qemu: allow snapshotting of sheepdog and rbd disks - blockjob: add new APIs - a lot of bug fixes, improvements and portability work * Thu Apr 26 2012 Cole Robinson <> - - Rebased to version - Abide URI username when connecting to hypervisor (bz 811397) - Fix managed USB mode (bz 814866) - Fix crash connecting to ESX host (bz 811891) * Wed Apr 04 2012 Daniel P. Berrange <> - 0.9.11-1 - Update to 0.9.11 release * Tue Apr 03 2012 Daniel P. Berrange <> - 0.9.10-4 - Revert previous change * Sat Mar 31 2012 Daniel P. Berrange <> - 0.9.10-3 - Refactor RPM spec to allow install without default configs * Thu Mar 15 2012 Daniel P. Berrange <> - 0.9.10-2 - Rebuild for libparted soname break * Mon Feb 13 2012 Daniel P. Berrange <> - 0.9.10-1 - Update to 0.9.10 * Thu Jan 12 2012 Daniel P. Berrange <> - 0.9.9-2 - Fix LXC I/O handling * Sat Jan 07 2012 Daniel Veillard <> - 0.9.9-1 - Add API virDomain{S,G}etInterfaceParameters - Add API virDomain{G, S}etNumaParameters - Add support for ppc64 qemu - Support Xen domctl v8 - many improvements and bug fixes * Thu Dec 08 2011 Daniel P. Berrange <> - 0.9.8-2 - Fix install of libvirt-guests.service & libvirtd.service * Thu Dec 08 2011 Daniel Veillard <> - 0.9.8-1 - Add support for QEMU 1.0 - Add preliminary PPC cpu driver - Add new API virDomain{Set, Get}BlockIoTune - block_resize: Define the new API - Add a public API to invoke suspend/resume on the host - various improvements for LXC containers - Define keepalive protocol and add virConnectIsAlive API - Add support for STP and VLAN filtering - many improvements and bug fixes * Mon Nov 14 2011 Justin M. Forbes <> - 0.9.7-3 - Remove versioned buildreq for yajl as 2.0.x features are not required. * Thu Nov 10 2011 Daniel P. Berrange <> - 0.9.7-2 - Rebuild for yajl 2.0.1 * Tue Nov 08 2011 Daniel P. Berrange <> - 0.9.7-1 - Update to 0.9.7 release * Tue Oct 11 2011 Dan Horák <dan[at]> - 0.9.6-3 - xenlight available only on Xen arches (#745020) * Mon Oct 03 2011 Laine Stump <> - 0.9.6-2 - Make PCI multifunction support more manual - Bug 742836 - F15 build still uses cgconfig - Bug 738725 * Thu Sep 22 2011 Daniel Veillard <> - 0.9.6-1 - Fix the qemu reboot bug and a few others bug fixes * Tue Sep 20 2011 Daniel Veillard <> - 0.9.5-1 - many snapshot improvements (Eric Blake) - latency: Define new public API and structure (Osier Yang) - USB2 and various USB improvements (Marc-André Lureau) - storage: Add fs pool formatting (Osier Yang) - Add public API for getting migration speed (Jim Fehlig) - Add basic driver for Microsoft Hyper-V (Matthias Bolte) - many improvements and bug fixes * Wed Aug 03 2011 Daniel Veillard <> - 0.9.4-1 - network bandwidth QoS control - Add new API virDomainBlockPull* - save: new API to manipulate save file images - CPU bandwidth limits support - allow to send NMI and key event to guests - new API virDomainUndefineFlags - Implement code to attach to external QEMU instances - bios: Add support for SGA - various missing python binding - many improvements and bug fixes * Sat Jul 30 2011 Dan Hor?k <dan[at]> - 0.9.3-3 - xenlight available only on Xen arches * Wed Jul 06 2011 Peter Robinson <> - 0.9.3-2 - Add ARM to NUMA platform excludes * Mon Jul 04 2011 Daniel Veillard <> - 0.9.3-1 - new API virDomainGetVcpupinInfo - Add TXT record support for virtual DNS service - Support reboots with the QEMU driver - New API virDomainGetControlInfo API - New API virNodeGetMemoryStats - New API virNodeGetCPUTime - New API for send-key - New API virDomainPinVcpuFlags - support multifunction PCI device - lxc: various improvements - many improvements and bug fixes * Wed Jun 29 2011 Richard W.M. Jones <> - 0.9.2-3 - Rebuild because of libparted soname bump ( -> * Tue Jun 21 2011 Laine Stump <> - 0.9.2-2 - add rule to require netcf-0.1.8 during build so that new transactional network change APIs are included. - document that CVE-2011-2178 has been fixed (by virtue of rebase to 0.9.2 - see * Mon Jun 06 2011 Daniel Veillard <> - 0.9.2-1 - Framework for lock manager plugins - API for network config change transactions - flags for setting memory parameters - virDomainGetState public API - qemu: allow blkstat/blkinfo calls during migration - Introduce migration v3 API - Defining the Screenshot public API - public API for NMI injection - Various improvements and bug fixes * Wed May 25 2011 Richard W.M. Jones <> - 0.9.1-3 - Add upstream patches: 0001-json-Avoid-passing-large-positive-64-bit-integers-to.patch 0001-qemudDomainMemoryPeek-change-ownership-selinux-label.patch 0002-remote-remove-bogus-virDomainFree.patch so that users can try out virt-dmesg. - Change /var/cache mode to 0711. * Thu May 05 2011 Daniel Veillard <> - 0.9.1-1 - support various persistent domain updates - improvements on memory APIs - Add virDomainEventRebootNew - various improvements to libxl driver - Spice: support audio, images and stream compression - Various improvements and bug fixes * Thu Apr 07 2011 Daniel Veillard <> - 0.9.0-1 - Support cputune cpu usage tuning - Add public APIs for storage volume upload/download - Add public API for setting migration speed on the fly - Add libxenlight driver - qemu: support migration to fd - libvirt: add virDomain{Get,Set}BlkioParameters - setmem: introduce a new libvirt API (virDomainSetMemoryFlags) - Expose event loop implementation as a public API - Dump the debug buffer to libvirtd.log on fatal signal - Audit support - Various improvements and bug fixes * Mon Mar 14 2011 Daniel Veillard <> - 0.8.8-3 - fix a lack of API check on read-only connections - CVE-2011-1146 * Mon Feb 21 2011 Daniel P. Berrange <> - 0.8.8-2 - Fix kernel boot with latest QEMU * Thu Feb 17 2011 Daniel Veillard <> - 0.8.8-1 - expose new API for sysinfo extraction - cgroup blkio weight support - smartcard device support - qemu: Support per-device boot ordering - Various improvements and bug fixes * Tue Feb 08 2011 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.8.7-2 - Rebuilt for * Thu Jan 06 2011 Daniel Veillard <> - 0.8.7-1 - Preliminary support for VirtualBox 4.0 - IPv6 support - Add VMware Workstation and Player driver driver - Add network disk support - Various improvements and bug fixes - from 0.8.6: - Add support for iSCSI target auto-discovery - QED: Basic support for QED images - remote console support - support for SPICE graphics - sysinfo and VMBIOS support - virsh qemu-monitor-command - various improvements and bug fixes * Fri Oct 29 2010 Daniel Veillard <> - 0.8.5-1 - Enable JSON and netdev features in QEMU >= 0.13 - framework for auditing integration - framework DTrace/SystemTap integration - Setting the number of vcpu at boot - Enable support for nested SVM - Virtio plan9fs filesystem QEMU - Memory parameter controls - various improvements and bug fixes * Wed Sep 29 2010 jkeating - 0.8.4-3 - Rebuilt for gcc bug 634757 * Thu Sep 16 2010 Dan Horák <dan[at]> - 0.8.4-2 - disable the nwfilterxml2xmltest also on s390(x) * Mon Sep 13 2010 Daniel Veillard <> - 0.8.4-1 - Upstream release 0.8.4 * Mon Aug 23 2010 Daniel P. Berrange <> - 0.8.3-2 - Fix potential overflow in boot menu code * Mon Aug 23 2010 Daniel P. Berrange <> - 0.8.3-1 - Upstream release 0.8.3 * Wed Jul 21 2010 David Malcolm <> - 0.8.2-3 - Rebuilt for * Mon Jul 12 2010 Daniel P. Berrange <> - 0.8.2-2 - CVE-2010-2237 ignoring defined main disk format when looking up disk backing stores - CVE-2010-2238 ignoring defined disk backing store format when recursing into disk image backing stores - CVE-2010-2239 not setting user defined backing store format when creating new image - CVE-2010-2242 libvirt: improperly mapped source privileged ports may allow for obtaining privileged resources on the host * Mon Jul 05 2010 Daniel Veillard <> - 0.8.2-1 - Upstream release 0.8.2 - phyp: adding support for IVM - libvirt: introduce domainCreateWithFlags API - add 802.1Qbh and 802.1Qbg switches handling - Support for VirtualBox version 3.2 - Init script for handling guests on shutdown/boot - qemu: live migration with non-shared storage for kvm * Fri Apr 30 2010 Daniel Veillard <> - 0.8.1-1 - Upstream release 0.8.1 - Starts dnsmasq from libvirtd with --dhcp-hostsfile - Add virDomainGetBlockInfo API to query disk sizing - a lot of bug fixes and cleanups * Mon Apr 12 2010 Daniel Veillard <> - 0.8.0-1 - Upstream release 0.8.0 - Snapshotting support (QEmu/VBox/ESX) - Network filtering API - XenAPI driver - new APIs for domain events - Libvirt managed save API - timer subselection for domain clock - synchronous hooks - API to update guest CPU to host CPU - virDomainUpdateDeviceFlags new API - migrate max downtime API - volume wiping API - and many bug fixes * Tue Mar 30 2010 Richard W.M. Jones <> - 0.7.7-3.fc14 - No change, just rebuild against new libparted with bumped soname. * Mon Mar 22 2010 Cole Robinson <> - 0.7.7-2.fc14 - Fix USB devices by product with security enabled (bz 574136) - Set kernel/initrd in security driver, fixes some URL installs (bz 566425) * Fri Mar 05 2010 Daniel Veillard <> - 0.7.7-1 - macvtap support - async job handling - virtio channel - computing baseline CPU - virDomain{Attach,Detach}DeviceFlags - assorted bug fixes and lots of cleanups * Tue Feb 16 2010 Adam Jackson <> 0.7.6-2 - libvirt-0.7.6-add-needed.patch: Fix FTBFS from --no-add-needed - Add BuildRequires: xmlrpc-c-client for * Wed Feb 03 2010 Daniel Veillard <> - 0.7.6-1 - upstream release of 0.7.6 - Use QEmu new device adressing when possible - Implement CPU topology support for QEMU driver - Implement SCSI controller hotplug/unplug for QEMU - Implement support for multi IQN - a lot of fixes and improvements * Thu Jan 14 2010 Chris Weyl <> 0.7.5-3 - bump for libssh2 rebuild * Tue Jan 12 2010 Daniel P. Berrange <> - 0.7.5-2 - Rebuild for libparted soname change * Wed Dec 23 2009 Daniel Veillard <> - 0.7.5-1 - Add new API virDomainMemoryStats - Public API and domain extension for CPU flags - vbox: Add support for version 3.1 - Support QEMU's virtual FAT block device driver - a lot of fixes * Fri Nov 20 2009 Daniel Veillard <> - 0.7.4-1 - upstream release of 0.7.4 - udev node device backend - API to check object properties - better QEmu monitor processing - MAC address based port filtering for qemu - support IPv6 and multiple addresses per interfaces - a lot of fixes * Thu Nov 19 2009 Daniel P. Berrange <> - 0.7.2-6 - Really fix restore file labelling this time * Wed Nov 11 2009 Daniel P. Berrange <> - 0.7.2-5 - Disable numactl on s390[x]. Again. * Wed Nov 11 2009 Daniel P. Berrange <> - 0.7.2-4 - Fix QEMU save/restore permissions / labelling * Thu Oct 29 2009 Mark McLoughlin <> - 0.7.2-3 - Avoid compressing small log files (#531030) * Thu Oct 29 2009 Mark McLoughlin <> - 0.7.2-2 - Make libvirt-devel require libvirt-client, not libvirt - Fix qemu machine types handling * Wed Oct 14 2009 Daniel Veillard <> - 0.7.2-1 - Upstream release of 0.7.2 - Allow to define ESX domains - Allows suspend and resulme of LXC domains - API for data streams - many bug fixes * Tue Oct 13 2009 Mark McLoughlin <> - 0.7.1-12 - Fix restore of qemu guest using raw save format (#523158) * Fri Oct 09 2009 Mark McLoughlin <> - 0.7.1-11 - Fix libvirtd memory leak during error reply sending (#528162) - Add several PCI hot-unplug typo fixes from upstream * Tue Oct 06 2009 Mark McLoughlin <> - 0.7.1-10 - Create /var/log/libvirt/{lxc,uml} dirs for logrotate - Make libvirt-python dependon on libvirt-client - Sync misc minor changes from upstream spec * Tue Oct 06 2009 Mark McLoughlin <> - 0.7.1-9 - Change logrotate config to weekly (#526769) * Thu Oct 01 2009 Mark McLoughlin <> - 0.7.1-8 - Disable sound backend, even when selinux is disabled (#524499) - Re-label qcow2 backing files (#497131) * Wed Sep 30 2009 Mark McLoughlin <> - 0.7.1-7 - Fix USB device passthrough (#522683) * Mon Sep 21 2009 Chris Weyl <> - 0.7.1-6 - rebuild for libssh2 1.2 * Mon Sep 21 2009 Mark McLoughlin <> - 0.7.1-5 - Don't set a bogus error in virDrvSupportsFeature() - Fix raw save format * Thu Sep 17 2009 Mark McLoughlin <> - 0.7.1-4 - A couple of hot-unplug memory handling fixes (#523953) * Thu Sep 17 2009 Daniel Veillard <> - 0.7.1-3 - disable numactl on s390[x] * Thu Sep 17 2009 Daniel Veillard <> - 0.7.1-2 - revamp of spec file for modularity and RHELs * Tue Sep 15 2009 Daniel Veillard <> - 0.7.1-1 - Upstream release of 0.7.1 - ESX, VBox driver updates - mutipath support - support for encrypted (qcow) volume - compressed save image format for Qemu/KVM - QEmu host PCI device hotplug support - configuration of huge pages in guests - a lot of fixes * Mon Sep 14 2009 Mark McLoughlin <> - 0.7.1-0.2.gitfac3f4c - Update to newer snapshot of 0.7.1 - Stop libvirt using untrusted 'info vcpus' PID data (#520864) - Support relabelling of USB and PCI devices - Enable multipath storage support - Restart libvirtd upon RPM upgrade * Sun Sep 06 2009 Mark McLoughlin <> - 0.7.1-0.1.gitg3ef2e05 - Update to pre-release git snapshot of 0.7.1 - Drop upstreamed patches * Wed Aug 19 2009 Mark McLoughlin <> - 0.7.0-6 - Fix migration completion with newer versions of qemu (#516187) * Wed Aug 19 2009 Mark McLoughlin <> - 0.7.0-5 - Add PCI host device hotplug support - Allow PCI bus reset to reset other devices (#499678) - Fix stupid PCI reset error message (bug #499678) - Allow PM reset on multi-function PCI devices (bug #515689) - Re-attach PCI host devices after guest shuts down (bug #499561) - Fix list corruption after disk hot-unplug - Fix minor 'virsh nodedev-list --tree' annoyance * Thu Aug 13 2009 Daniel P. Berrange <> - 0.7.0-4 - Rewrite policykit support (rhbz #499970) - Log and ignore NUMA topology problems (rhbz #506590) * Mon Aug 10 2009 Mark McLoughlin <> - 0.7.0-3 - Don't fail to start network if ipv6 modules is not loaded (#516497) * Thu Aug 06 2009 Mark McLoughlin <> - 0.7.0-2 - Make sure qemu can access kernel/initrd (bug #516034) - Set perms on /var/lib/libvirt/boot to 0711 (bug #516034) * Wed Aug 05 2009 Daniel Veillard <> - 0.7.0-1 - ESX, VBox3, Power Hypervisor drivers - new net filesystem glusterfs - Storage cloning for LVM and Disk backends - interface implementation based on netcf - Support cgroups in QEMU driver - QEmu hotplug NIC support - a lot of fixes * Fri Jul 03 2009 Daniel Veillard <> - 0.6.5-1 - release of 0.6.5 * Fri May 29 2009 Daniel Veillard <> - 0.6.4-1 - release of 0.6.4 - various new APIs * Fri Apr 24 2009 Daniel Veillard <> - 0.6.3-1 - release of 0.6.3 - VirtualBox driver * Fri Apr 03 2009 Daniel Veillard <> - 0.6.2-1 - release of 0.6.2 * Wed Mar 04 2009 Daniel Veillard <> - 0.6.1-1 - release of 0.6.1 * Sat Jan 31 2009 Daniel Veillard <> - 0.6.0-1 - release of 0.6.0 * Tue Nov 25 2008 Daniel Veillard <> - 0.5.0-1 - release of 0.5.0 * Tue Sep 23 2008 Daniel Veillard <> - 0.4.6-1 - release of 0.4.6 * Mon Sep 08 2008 Daniel Veillard <> - 0.4.5-1 - release of 0.4.5 * Wed Jun 25 2008 Daniel Veillard <> - 0.4.4-1 - release of 0.4.4 - mostly a few bug fixes from 0.4.3 * Thu Jun 12 2008 Daniel Veillard <> - 0.4.3-1 - release of 0.4.3 - lots of bug fixes and small improvements * Tue Apr 08 2008 Daniel Veillard <> - 0.4.2-1 - release of 0.4.2 - lots of bug fixes and small improvements * Mon Mar 03 2008 Daniel Veillard <> - 0.4.1-1 - Release of 0.4.1 - Storage APIs - xenner support - lots of assorted improvements, bugfixes and cleanups - documentation and localization improvements * Tue Dec 18 2007 Daniel Veillard <> - 0.4.0-1 - Release of 0.4.0 - SASL based authentication - PolicyKit authentication - improved NUMA and statistics support - lots of assorted improvements, bugfixes and cleanups - documentation and localization improvements * Sun Sep 30 2007 Daniel Veillard <> - 0.3.3-1 - Release of 0.3.3 - Avahi support - NUMA support - lots of assorted improvements, bugfixes and cleanups - documentation and localization improvements * Tue Aug 21 2007 Daniel Veillard <> - 0.3.2-1 - Release of 0.3.2 - API for domains migration - APIs for collecting statistics on disks and interfaces - lots of assorted bugfixes and cleanups - documentation and localization improvements * Tue Jul 24 2007 Daniel Veillard <> - 0.3.1-1 - Release of 0.3.1 - localtime clock support - PS/2 and USB input devices - lots of assorted bugfixes and cleanups - documentation and localization improvements * Mon Jul 09 2007 Daniel Veillard <> - 0.3.0-1 - Release of 0.3.0 - Secure remote access support - unification of daemons - lots of assorted bugfixes and cleanups - documentation and localization improvements * Fri Jun 08 2007 Daniel Veillard <> - 0.2.3-1 - Release of 0.2.3 - lot of assorted bugfixes and cleanups - support for Xen-3.1 - new scheduler API * Tue Apr 17 2007 Daniel Veillard <> - 0.2.2-1 - Release of 0.2.2 - lot of assorted bugfixes and cleanups - preparing for Xen-3.0.5 * Thu Mar 22 2007 Jeremy Katz <> - 0.2.1-2.fc7 - don't require xen; we don't need the daemon and can control non-xen now - fix scriptlet error (need to own more directories) - update description text * Fri Mar 16 2007 Daniel Veillard <> - 0.2.1-1 - Release of 0.2.1 - lot of bug and portability fixes - Add support for network autostart and init scripts - New API to detect the virtualization capabilities of a host - Documentation updates * Fri Feb 23 2007 Daniel P. Berrange <> - 0.2.0-4.fc7 - Fix loading of guest & network configs * Fri Feb 16 2007 Daniel P. Berrange <> - 0.2.0-3.fc7 - Disable kqemu support since its not in Fedora qemu binary - Fix for -vnc arg syntax change in 0.9.0 QEMU * Thu Feb 15 2007 Daniel P. Berrange <> - 0.2.0-2.fc7 - Fixed path to qemu daemon for autostart - Fixed generation of <features> block in XML - Pre-create config directory at startup * Wed Feb 14 2007 Daniel Veillard <> 0.2.0-1.fc7 - support for KVM and QEmu - support for network configuration - assorted fixes * Mon Jan 22 2007 Daniel Veillard <> 0.1.11-1.fc7 - finish inactive Xen domains support - memory leak fix - RelaxNG schemas for XML configs * Wed Dec 20 2006 Daniel Veillard <> 0.1.10-1.fc7 - support for inactive Xen domains - improved support for Xen display and vnc - a few bug fixes - localization updates * Thu Dec 07 2006 Jeremy Katz <> - 0.1.9-2 - rebuild against python 2.5 * Wed Nov 29 2006 Daniel Veillard <> 0.1.9-1 - better error reporting - python bindings fixes and extensions - add support for shareable drives - add support for non-bridge style networking - hot plug device support - added support for inactive domains - API to dump core of domains - various bug fixes, cleanups and improvements - updated the localization * Tue Nov 07 2006 Daniel Veillard <> 0.1.8-3 - it's pkgconfig not pgkconfig ! * Mon Nov 06 2006 Daniel Veillard <> 0.1.8-2 - fixing spec file, added %dist, -devel requires pkgconfig and xen-devel - Resolves: rhbz#202320 * Mon Oct 16 2006 Daniel Veillard <> 0.1.8-1 - fix missing page size detection code for ia64 - fix mlock size when getting domain info list from hypervisor - vcpu number initialization - don't label crashed domains as shut off - fix virsh man page - blktapdd support for alternate drivers like blktap - memory leak fixes (xend interface and XML parsing) - compile fix - mlock/munlock size fixes * Fri Sep 22 2006 Daniel Veillard <> 0.1.7-1 - Fix bug when running against xen-3.0.3 hypercalls - Fix memory bug when getting vcpus info from xend * Fri Sep 22 2006 Daniel Veillard <> 0.1.6-1 - Support for localization - Support for new Xen-3.0.3 cdrom and disk configuration - Support for setting VNC port - Fix bug when running against xen-3.0.2 hypercalls - Fix reconnection problem when talking directly to http xend * Tue Sep 05 2006 Jeremy Katz <> - 0.1.5-3 - patch from danpb to support new-format cd devices for HVM guests * Tue Sep 05 2006 Daniel Veillard <> 0.1.5-2 - reactivating ia64 support * Tue Sep 05 2006 Daniel Veillard <> 0.1.5-1 - new release - bug fixes - support for new hypervisor calls - early code for config files and defined domains * Mon Sep 04 2006 Daniel Berrange <> - 0.1.4-5 - add patch to address dom0_ops API breakage in Xen 3.0.3 tree * Mon Aug 28 2006 Jeremy Katz <> - 0.1.4-4 - add patch to support paravirt framebuffer in Xen * Mon Aug 21 2006 Daniel Veillard <> 0.1.4-3 - another patch to fix network handling in non-HVM guests * Thu Aug 17 2006 Daniel Veillard <> 0.1.4-2 - patch to fix virParseUUID() * Wed Aug 16 2006 Daniel Veillard <> 0.1.4-1 - vCPUs and affinity support - more complete XML, console and boot options - specific features support - enforced read-only connections - various improvements, bug fixes * Wed Aug 02 2006 Jeremy Katz <> - 0.1.3-6 - add patch from pvetere to allow getting uuid from libvirt * Wed Aug 02 2006 Jeremy Katz <> - 0.1.3-5 - build on ia64 now * Thu Jul 27 2006 Jeremy Katz <> - 0.1.3-4 - don't BR xen, we just need xen-devel * Thu Jul 27 2006 Daniel Veillard <> 0.1.3-3 - need rebuild since libxenstore is now versionned * Mon Jul 24 2006 Mark McLoughlin <> - 0.1.3-2 - Add BuildRequires: xen-devel * Wed Jul 12 2006 Jesse Keating <> - 0.1.3-1.1 - rebuild * Tue Jul 11 2006 Daniel Veillard <> 0.1.3-1 - support for HVM Xen guests - various bugfixes * Mon Jul 03 2006 Daniel Veillard <> 0.1.2-1 - added a proxy mechanism for read only access using httpu - fixed header includes paths * Wed Jun 21 2006 Daniel Veillard <> 0.1.1-1 - extend and cleanup the driver infrastructure and code - python examples - extend uuid support - bug fixes, buffer handling cleanups - support for new Xen hypervisor API - test driver for unit testing - virsh --conect argument * Mon Apr 10 2006 Daniel Veillard <> 0.1.0-1 - various fixes - new APIs: for Node information and Reboot - virsh improvements and extensions - documentation updates and man page - enhancement and fixes of the XML description format * Tue Feb 28 2006 Daniel Veillard <> 0.0.6-1 - added error handling APIs - small bug fixes - improve python bindings - augment documentation and regression tests * Thu Feb 23 2006 Daniel Veillard <> 0.0.5-1 - new domain creation API - new UUID based APIs - more tests, documentation, devhelp - bug fixes * Fri Feb 10 2006 Daniel Veillard <> 0.0.4-1 - fixes some problems in 0.0.3 due to the change of names * Wed Feb 08 2006 Daniel Veillard <> 0.0.3-1 - changed library name to libvirt from libvir, complete and test the python bindings * Sun Jan 29 2006 Daniel Veillard <> 0.0.2-1 - upstream release of 0.0.2, use xend, save and restore added, python bindings fixed * Wed Nov 02 2005 Daniel Veillard <> 0.0.1-1 - created